Jasmine Kabatay

Jasmine Kabatay is an Anishinaabe journalist from Seine River First Nation in northwestern Ontario. She is based in Thunder Bay and has also written for the Toronto Star, and VICE News.

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Bringing that 'Kenergy': A conversation with men about the Barbie blockbuster movie

Barbie is everywhere and set to be a massive summer blockbuster. As moviegoers were preparing to head to theatres, CBC Thunder Bay spoke with six men in Ontario about their thoughts and perspectives as well as their excitement for the film spun from the iconic doll.

How Whitesand First Nation tackles food insecurity through its community market

Weekly community markets are bringing fresh food to Whitesand First Nation and other First Nations in northwestern Ontario, lowering costs and providing healthier options.

Months after tragedy, Pikangikum First Nation receives emergency training program for community members

A training program from IFNA trains members from First Nations they serve to respond to an emergency to gap the lack of emergency response in remote first nations.

Thunder Bay hospital drops most pandemic restrictions, pivots to 'new normal'

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre is transitioning out of its COVID-19 pandemic response and into what they're calling a "new normal."
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Dianna Boileau, a trailblazer in receiving gender-affirming surgery in Canada, honoured in Fort Frances, Ont.

Fort Frances, Ont., is commemorating Dianna Boileau, one of the first Canadians to receive gender-affirming surgeries in 1969 and April 1970, and the doctor who provided counsel to Boileau and her family and supported the transition. The Ontario Heritage Trust plaque was unveiled on the International Trans Day of Visibility.

A big fish makes a huge splash in Red Lake

A woman from Red Lake, Ont., had an exciting day when she caught a fish weighing more than 22 kilograms, or 50 lbs.

Breweries in Thunder Bay, Ont., toast International Women's Day with special beer created by women

Women at some Thunder Bay, Ont., breweries are toasting International Women's Day today with their own specially created beer, called Better Together, with proceeds going to charities. It's just one of the initiatives as part of global efforts to get women involved in beer brewing.

Entrepreneur bets Thunder Bay is ready for a bar that doesn't serve alcohol

Jody Loos is an entrepreneur and founder of Howl at the Moon Dry Saloon and Late Night Coffee Bar, which will have all the fixings of a bar without the alcohol.

Meet the First Nations students who scored an interview with actor Ryan Reynolds

Students with the Dennis Franklin Cromarty high school media club landed a big interview Wednesday — actor Ryan Reynolds.

Northwestern Ontario hospital ERs continue to undergo strain amid staff shortages, burnout

After a year of unprecedented strain, health leaders in northwestern Ontario say the situation has not improved, after another hospital temporarily closes its emergency room.