Chelsea Vowel

Chelsea Vowel (BEd, LLB) is a Métis writer and educator from Lac Ste. Anne, Alta., currently doing her graduate studies in Edmonton. Mother to six girls, she co-hosts the Indigenous feminist sci-fi podcast Métis in Space and is the author of Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit Issues in Canada.

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Giving my children Cree names is a powerful act of reclamation

The political doesn't get much more personal than speaking the names of my children every day, says Chelsea Vowel.

What a landmark ruling means — and doesn't — for Métis, non-status Indians

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that tens of thousands of Métis and non-status Indians are now the responsibility of the federal government. Métis writer and educator Chelsea Vowel breaks it down and helps us make sense of the ruling.

Debunking the myth that Canadian schools teach enough about indigenous people

Whenever there is talk about the need for systemic changes to ensure Canadians learn about Indigenous peoples, a veritable tsunami of anecdotes pour in. To hear some tell it, Canadians are already experts on indigenous cultures, history and contemporary realities.

Disturbing trend in debate on inquiry into missing, murdered aboriginal women

Is a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women the best way forward? Chelsea Vowel says the current public debate on the issue as a choice between "an inquiry, or... addressing the (known) root causes of the problem" is highly problematic.

Why every Canadian should watch Rhymes for Young Ghouls

This film might be difficult to watch, but it's "potentially transformational", says Chelsea Vowel. The revenge tale set in the 70s residential schools era is a work of fiction, but every single event portrayed has happened in Canada's indigenous communities.