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Meet elders from across Canada as they answer your inquiries

Elders in Indigenous communities play an important role — they are knowledge keepers, storytellers and have a deep understanding of culture and tradition. 

CBC Indigenous wants to help preserve and share that wisdom, so please email us if you have a question for an elder. 

We will endeavour to find an elder who can answer that question and is comfortable sharing that knowledge online. Protocols for approaching elders vary from region to region and person to person, and our reporters take pride in following them.

Watch our series:

What is an elder? 

Wolastoqew reporter Nic Meloney interviewed Mi'kmaw elder Bernie Francis of Membertou First Nation, N.S., about what he thinks makes an elder. 

Mi'kmaw elder Bernie Francis of Membertou, N.S., explains what he thinks makes an elder. 3:53

Winter solstice in the Cree tradition

Anishinaabe reporter Lenard Monkman asked elder Wilfred Buck of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Manitoba to share the Cree story of the winter solstice.

Elder Wilfred Buck explains how the Cree observe the shortest day and the longest night of the year. 1:00