All-female indigenous talk show takes off in Regina

Four successful First Nation and Métis women have launched a unique talk show in Regina.

When First Nation and Métis women get together, what don't they talk about?

The Four is the new all-female indigenous talk show where four women share their unique perspectives. From left: Shauneen Pete, Robyn Morin, Shannon Fayant. Front row: Bevann Fox. (The Four)

They sit comfortably in their new black bucket seats, armed with a star blanket in front of them.

The four women are nestling into their newest roles as talk show personalities. The Four is the all-female indigenous talk show where they share their unique perspectives.

“We can talk about anything we want and by doing that we’re not saying we’re right. We don’t have to agree. My voice is there and so is theirs,” said co-host Beavann Fox, when asked if there is any topic off limits when it comes to the show.

Fox is originally from the Piapot First Nation and also from The Pasqua First Nation; she is the author of a book called Abstract Love and she facilitates career development and workforce planning.

We are all indigenous woman, and on the show, we talk about real things. We want to make sure people hear a different story, an authentic one.- Dr. Shauneen Pete, co-host of The Four

The ladies got their idea for the show sitting around a backyard having a wiener roast. After a lot of brainstorming, they pitched the idea to Access Communications, a Regina and surrounding area cable company.

When the show launched a few weeks ago, they realized they had a show unlike any other.

“We are all indigenous woman, and on the show, we talk about real things. We want to make sure people hear a different story, an authentic one,” said Dr. Shauneen Pete, co-producer and co-host of The Four.

Pete is from the Little Pine Nation. She is an assistant professor in Aboriginal education at the University of Regina.

Fox and Pete are joined by Robyn Morin and Shannon Fayant. Morin is Métis and works as a mentor co-ordinator for a non-profit organization. Fayant is also Métis​ and works in education.

Some of the topics the four Regina women have discussed on the talk show include gratitude and fears, what if women ruled the world, successful parenting, personal well-being, sexual well-being, online dating and lateral violence.

With the objective to educate, inspire and empower, The Four gives a voice to the concerns of Aboriginal women in Canada. Fuelled with passion and humor, each brings their own unique values and beliefs to the weekly table for discussion.

The Four premiered Jan. 21, 2014, and airs on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. on Access Communications.

Access Communications is submitting the talk show to the Yorkton Film Festival and also to the Red Nation Film Festival in the United States.