5 indigenous artists that will rock your summer road trip

No summer has begun until you head out for that first road trip: friends crowded in, double-doubles all around, favourite tunes blasting and a badly refolded map on the passenger seat. It's go time on this week's edition of Unreserved.

Unreserved host Rosanna Deerchild recommends songs that will rock your playlist

Iconic Canadian singer, songwriter and artist Buffy Sainte-Marie is a must on Rosanna Deerchild's summer playlist. (Paquin Entertainment)

No summer has begun until you head out for that first road trip: friends crowded in, double-doubles all around, favourite tunes blasting and a badly refolded map on the passenger seat. It's go time!

I don't know how it goes in your car, but in mine, the trick to a good trip is a good playlist. It must be the perfect mix of sing-along songs, ballads down memory lane and full-on rock-outs you can speed along highways to (but not too fast because, you know … safety first).

No one knows better about travelling than indigenous people. We've been walking, driving, marching and dancing across this country since forever (give or take) so no one knows good travelling songs like we do.

Here is the Unreserved top five playlist:

5. Walk Alone — LightningCloud

OK, yes, you're driving buuuuut this song will make you keep in mind that home is where the heart is, no matter where you are.

4. Devil Come Down Sunday — Derek Miller

This is the song you will want to turn up loud while streaking down the highway past the cross road at sunset. Just don't look in the rear view mirror.

3. It's My Way — Buffy Sainte-Marie

You can't go wrong with Buffy. Whether vintage or anthem, every song lists needs a Sainte-Marie song. 

From her new album Power in the Blood, It's My Way is the song you'll sing while homeward bound or bound for new journeys.

2. Pow Wow Wow — Cris Derksen

The prairie sky is endless, moody and has its very own dance that lasts from sunrise to the star shine. If the prairie song were a song, it might sound just like this one.

1. Suplex​ — A Tribe Called Red

DON'T EVEN leave your house without a whole lot of these guys on your playlist. Any album, any song, you must MUST have A Tribe Called Red.

Like their previous powwow techno groove mixes, Suplex will have you wanting to park it and dance in the middle of nowhere.

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Rosanna Deerchild is the host of Unreserved on CBC Radio One. She's an award-winning Cree author and has been a broadcaster for almost 20 years — including stints with APTN, CBC Radio, Global and a variety of indigenous newspapers. She hails from O-Pipon-Na-Piwan Cree Nation, Man.