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Advisory panel raises range of concerns about Sidewalk Labs' plans for Quayside

Preliminary commentary from Waterfront Toronto's digital strategy advisory panel released Tuesday said the plan from Google's sister company Sidewalk for Quayside is "frustratingly abstract" and that some of the innovations proposed were "irrelevant or unnecessary."

Bell scales back rural internet plans after CRTC decision on rates

Bell Canada says it will cut about 200,000 rural households from a broadband internet build-out to offset the impact of a regulatory change that lowers the wholesale broadband rate it can charge smaller providers.

Farmers look to capture carbon as warnings of climate shocks grow louder

Canadian farmers are cultivating some sustainable farming techniques identified as particularly useful for an industry it concluded must make drastic changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Tall timber towers taking root in Canada as builders look to go green

Almost non-existent a decade ago, tall wood buildings have defied skeptics and are sprouting up in cities across Canada.

Dividing lines between credit unions, banks blurring but key differences remain

Credit unions that are expanding their services nationally, such as Surrey-based Coast Capital Savings, are creating new competition in the financial services sector.

Finding daycare an ordeal for parents, but economists say market isn't to blame

The Canadian daycare market has a well-established surplus of demand, resulting in anxiety-inducing wait-lists — joined as early as the day a couple learns they're expecting — and monthly fees that can amount to more than a mortgage payment.

Enbridge sticking with Line 3 plans ahead of final Minnesota decision

The head of Enbridge Inc. says he still believes the company will secure its preferred route for the replacement of the aging Line 3 pipeline despite a Minnesota judge recommending a different option.

Van rental firms struggle to prevent attacks, but few realistic options exist

Monday's deadly rental van rampage in Toronto shows how quickly a vehicle can be turned into a weapon, but rental agencies are finding few clear options to prevent their property from involvement in such violent acts.

Push for plant-based, protein-rich foods could put Canadian farmers on top

Prairie farmers who grow, rather than raise, protein sources are looking to break into the mainstream with new research and investments on how to sustainably feed the world.

Alberta and B.C. left with limited options to escalate trade war

British Columbia Premier John Horgan held off on ratcheting up a trade war with Alberta Wednesday, but experts say both provinces still have a few limited options to raise the stakes.

Cheap electricity rates have miners digging for Bitcoin, not dino bones in Drumheller

For most Canadians, Drumheller conjures up images of dinosaur bones and ancient fossils, but entrepreneur Sean Clark's expedition in the southern Alberta town is focused on a very current obsession: Bitcoin.

Keystone XL pipeline has strong commercial support, TransCanada says

TransCanada Corp. says it has confirmed strong commercial support for its controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Tsuut'ina's massive development among several urban initiatives as Indigenous youth flock to cities

Bulldozers and excavators are cutting a broad swath through the reserve land of the Tsuut'ina in southwest Calgary as part of a transformative project gets underway.

Indigenous tourism helps keep stories alive as international interest grows

Dion Red Gun's fishing operation out of Siksika is part of a wave of Indigenous tourism growth across the country, he's pushing ahead in part to try and preserve the stories and traditions by sharing them with those outside the community.

The flawed, absent-minded, over-confident thinking economists see in all of us

Canadian Press canvassed some prominent economists to find out where they see some of the biggest disconnects between the rational-thinking optimizers of traditional economics and the world in which we all actually live.