How Nice Are We?

Canadians like to think of themselves as awfully nice. Polite, good manners, that sort ot thing. The National puts that theory to the test.

On Monday, May 24, The National presents the fourth instalment of our series "Who Do We Think We Are?".

In "How Nice Are We?", we take a look at whether Canadians' reputation for being nice is warranted.


Reg Sherren introduces us to Serge Kaptegaine, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo who arrived in Canada in 2005.  Serge provides a fresh perspective on Canadians and how they behave toward others.

Ian Hanomansing wonders whether the polite, public face that Canadians present actually masks a different point of view.

Is "Sorry" Canada's National Word?  Our videojournalist Bob Hilscher explores when, where and why Canadians apologize so darn much.