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Ontario won't allow cannabis cafes — for now — as health officials raise concerns

Health experts from across the province and business groups are completely at odds on whether or not Doug Ford’s government should broaden the number of places pot can be sold and smoked, documents obtained by CBC Toronto show.

Think COVID-19 can stop this Toronto therapy dog? Think again

This is a story about the novel coronavirus. But it’s a happy one. That’s because it’s about a dog, and as her owner says: "a dog brings joy to everybody."

Sidewalk Labs cancels plan to build high-tech neighbourhood in Toronto amid COVID-19

Sidewalk Labs, a Google-affiliated company, is abandoning its plan to build a high-tech neighbourhood on Toronto’s waterfront, citing what it calls unprecedented economic uncertainty.

Photo radar delay leaves advocate worried pedestrian safety taking backseat to COVID-19

Speeding drivers whipping past photo radar machines outside Toronto schools or near seniors' areas will not be automatically ticketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Amid COVID-19, city spending $300K to outsource street-sweeping work

The city is contracting out $300,000 worth of spring street-sweeping work to companies running vehicles that likely violate Toronto’s own environmental standards, while also relying on 17 of its own sweepers that were expected to be scrapped by now.

Ontario shelves plan for full 2020 budget amid COVID-19 uncertainty

Ontario's finance minister says the province will release a fiscal update rather than a complete 2020 budget next week as COVID-19 continues to cause anxiety and uncertainty. 

Cash grab or necessity? Ontarians sound off on photo radar

Doug Ford's government asked Ontarians what they thought about bringing back photo radar — and while many angrily called it a "cash grab," twice as many were in favour of using cameras to automatically ticket speeding drivers.

Thanks and congratulations pour in for Matt Galloway, Toronto's 'incredible' Metro Morning host

Many Torontonians count Metro Morning's host as a friend, even if they’ve never met him. Now, they're saying congratulations and thank you after CBC Radio announced he is moving to The Current.

Toronto spending between $37-$89K per vehicle more than other cities on new street sweepers

Toronto is spending tens of thousands of dollars more than other cities, including Hamilton, on its new fleet of street sweepers. It's "way too much," a source told CBC Toronto.

Toronto's street sweeper fleet is struggling, but still has plenty to clean

Toronto's streets are dirty enough that the city's depleted sweepers are still picking up nearly as much waste as the year they were put into service.

Toronto's streets are getting dirtier, and the city doesn't have the sweepers to keep up

The City of Toronto is struggling to clean its expressways and local roads due to ongoing maintenance issues with its fleet of aging street sweepers, leaving residents breathing in dirtier air and more road waste flowing into Lake Ontario.

Province reveals its Toronto transit priorities, sparking concern at city hall

New letters from Doug Ford’s government say it wants to speed up the takeover of Toronto’s transit system and envisions major changes to future expansions like the Scarborough subway and relief line.

Actor Boyd Banks sorry for licking CBC reporter on live TV, says there's 'no excuse' for his actions

A Canadian actor and comedian has apologized after kissing and licking a CBC Toronto reporter during a live on-air report in an incident the CBC is condemning as "unacceptable."

Drake made '6ix' a thing in Toronto, but he just lost his bid to trademark it

Drake doesn't own the 6ix — at least, he doesn’t own that trademark after a decision from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

Ford government wants public feedback on private, corner store alcohol sales

The Ontario government is asking for public feedback on the idea of letting private companies and corner stores sell alcohol.