Simple hospital innovation saves time, money

Having hospital employees identify efficiencies that don't compromise patients adds up to savings in time and money, Saskatchewan Health finds.

Saskatchewan Health finds efficiences in an unlikely place in hospitals, CBC's Cameron MacIntosh reports

Saskatchewan hospitals boost efficiency

The National

9 years ago
Saskatchewan hospitals find inspiration to make health care more efficient by emulating Toyota's concept of 'lean management,' where employees identify efficiencies that add up to savings in time and money 2:20

Premiers looking for money- and time-saving innovations for their health-care systems are turning to Saskatchewan Health's model of finding efficiencies in unlikely places.

Toyota, the Japanese auto giant,  pioneered the concept of lean management in manufacturing, where employees look for efficiencies both big and small that don't compromise the product but save the company time and money.

In Regina, hospitals are applying the idea to everything from stocking medicines to hospital design, CBC's Cameron MacIntosh reports.