Personnelle Cold and Flu product recalled

Rexall, Compliments, Safeway, Life brand and other over-the-counter cold medications are being voluntarily recalled because of labelling errors.

Recall expands over a year to store brands of over-the-counter cold relief, pain medications

Personnelle Cold and flu products are under recall because of a labelling error. (Health Canada)

A recall for Vita Health over-the-counter cold and flu medications because of labelling errors has expanded again.

Health Canada said Friday that Vita Health's voluntary recall now includes Personnelle Cold and Flu-in-One Extra Strength Convenience Pack. The product is missing a "reference to important information," the regulator said.

Since December 2011, Vita Health has been voluntarily recalling various Rexall, Compliments, Safeway, Life brand and other over-the-counter cold medications because of labelling errors.

Some of the pain and cold relief packages are labelled as having child-proof caps when they don't.

Others are missing allergy warnings or alerts about not taking the pills if you have certain medical conditions.

"Vita Health is reviewing its product labels and putting actions in place to address the labelling issues," Health Canada said.

The regulator said it has no information suggesting the quality of the products on the list is affected.

The list includes over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, cold and flu, allergy and sinus, and acetaminophen medications.

"The product recalls initiated by Vita Health between December 2011 and today and aggregated on the 'Healthy Canadians' website are solely and directly due to package labelling errors, where in most instances certain wording on the label was inadvertently omitted," Stephanie Haverstick, a spokeswoman for the company, said in a statement.

"None of these product recalls are due to concerns with the safety or efficacy of the actual products themselves or with the ingredients or formulas. There have been no adverse events or consumer illnesses reported."

A complete list can be found on the department's recall website at

Consumers are asked to return the product to the place of purchase or call Vita Health at 1-800-665-8820, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET for instructions.

Haverstick said the company's self-initiated review of all labels is expected to be completed by the end of the month.