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Former Amazon VP opens up about decision to quit in support of COVID-19 'whistleblowers'

Former Amazon VP Tim Bray resigned after allegations three Amazon employees were fired for voicing covid-19 safety concerns. Now, Bray wants the world to know: “This isn’t just an Amazon problem”

COVID-19 blame game intensifies with online ad campaigns paid for by China and the U.S.

Backlash against China for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak is growing in the U.S., and Chinese State media is pushing back with an aggressive campaign online. Caught in the middle are scientists who say the escalating antagonism is making it harder to do their jobs.

This Ontario hospital hopes a look inside its ICU will give pause to those urging end to social distancing

Staff at a hospital in the Greater Toronto Area are worried that Canadians are becoming less vigilant about physical distancing and want people to see through their eyes what it's like treating COVID-19 patients in the ICU.
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'I was made to feel belittled': Nurses reveal fears working on front lines of COVID-19 pandemic

Nurses across Canada are worried that there will not be adequate supplies of protective gear and equipment for them as more COVID-19 patients require treatment in hospital, CBC News has found.

Political fixer Jean Yves Lortie reveals his Mulroney-era dealings

Few Canadians know his name, and among political insiders he was known simply as the "Man with the Briefcase." But Jean Yves Lortie says $15 million to $20 million in cash made its way in and out of his briefcase during his time as a political operative.

Senator Leo Housakos rips CBC, NDP wants fundraising probe

Conservative Senator Leo Housakos ripped into the CBC for a story he said suggests he was involved in improper fundraising during his time in Quebec. The senator's strong denial, however, did not dissuade opponents from calling for a probe into the possibility of questionable fundraising at the federal level.

Conservative Senator Leo Housakos denies involvement in questionable fundraising

Through a spokesperson, Conservative Senator Leo Housakos denies participating in any questionable fundraising while he was raising money for Quebec's Action Démocratique party. But construction boss Lino Zambito told CBC News that he gave Housakos almost $30,000 for the ADQ in 2008.