Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward is a pediatrician, associate professor of pediatrics and health journalist in Ottawa. She is currently a fellow in global journalism at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.

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St. Joe's turns to baby monitors to communicate during COVID-19 pandemic

While hospitals were scrambling for ventilators, masks and gloves in preparation for a COVID-19 surge, many, including St were also installing baby monitors in emergency departments and intensive care units.

Montreal Children's Hospital helping treat adults with COVID-19

The Montreal Children's Hospital and the Royal Victoria Hospital began planning together in early March. With the virus affecting adults much more than children, the children's hospital's beds were seen as possible spaces for adult patients.

Ontario allows youth to remain in care after passing cut-off age during pandemic

Youth in Ontario's child welfare system who pass the cut-off age during the COVID-19 pandemic will remain in care, says a new moratorium issued by the province.

Dentists worried about shortage of masks in light of new coronavirus outbreak

The Ontario Ministry of Health says it's working with the makers of medical masks to address shortage concerns by dentists in light of the new coronavirus outbreak.

Popular infant teething gels removed from Canadian pharmacies without notice

Children's versions of Orajel and Anbesol’s gum-numbing products are no longer available on the Canadian market.

Moving Benadryl behind counter won't resolve safety concerns: pharmacists

Pharmacists say moving older antihistamines containing diphenhydramine, such as Benadryl, to behind drugstore counters won't resolve safety concerns and may not be practical given the number of products containing it.