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Marcy Cuttler is an award-winning journalist and producer with 35 years of experience at CBC.

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Medical upselling in Canada can cost patients thousands of dollars

Lois Cooper says she was upsold thousands of dollars in extra services at a private, for-profit clinic, and when she started to ask questions, the doctor told her to leave. She's not the only Canadian who's gone through the questionable practice.
CBC Explains

Do private, for-profit clinics save taxpayers money and reduce wait times? The data says no

Despite promises from some politicians that it will streamline services and solve the issue of long wait times, health-care professionals that CBC News interviewed say there are nuances and that such happy outcomes are not borne out by the data.

When should someone with dementia stop driving? This resource helps seniors decide

A website can help those with dementia understand the importance of giving up driving — and when to do it. Doctors say it's a badly needed resource as Canada's population ages.

An inside look at the ER of Canada's largest pediatric hospital as RSV surges

CBC News got exclusive access to the emergency department and ICU at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, Canada's largest pediatric medical centre, as it and other hospitals across the country grapple with what one doctor called "a perfect storm" of COVID-19, flu and RSV.

Detecting cancers through blood tests holds promise, but major hurdles remain

A clinical trial done by the makers of a blood test that can detect cancer signals say their test found 36 cancers during a recent clinical trial. But Canadian experts say the test needs to be reviewed independently before it is used more widely.

When it comes to long COVID, the treatment playbook is constantly evolving

There are more than 170,000 long-COVID patients across Canada facing everything from fatigue and shortness of breath, to tinnitus, brain fog and muscle and joint pain. At the moment, there's no known cure, so doctors are creating their own treatment playbook for those affected by lingering symptoms of the disease.

How residential school trauma of previous generations continues to tear through Indigenous families

The last of the residential schools in Canada closed in 1997, but the abuse students endured within them has lasting physical and mental effects for generations.

Why doctors think you should get the flu shot this year — and soon

As COVID-19 cases climb in many provinces, flu season is also on the horizon. Doctors say there’s more interest in the flu shot this year — and there should be. But they’re warning patients to get the shot sooner rather than later. Here's why.

No more nose swabs? Why a saliva test for COVID-19 could be a 'game changer'

Good news — spitting into a cup may soon be an alternative to having an extra-long swab pushed up your nose to test for COVID-19. Unfortunately, it isn’t yet available in Canada, but here’s why the test, and its emergency authorization in the U.S., could be a big step forward in keeping the pandemic under control.

How scientists aim to make a safe COVID-19 vaccine in record time

Vaccine development normally takes years, if not decades. But scientific teams around the world are aiming to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in 12 to 18 months. Here’s how they’re speeding up the process and why they think a vaccine produced this fast will be just as safe as any other.