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Medical science

Kelly Crowe is a health and science reporter, who previously spent more than 30 years reporting on a wide range of national news and current affairs for CBC News.

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After a 5-year fight to lower drug prices, Ottawa's pledge quietly falls apart

When an innocuous-sounding news release from Health Canada came out the eve of the Easter holiday, there were few headlines. But the Trudeau government was announcing the end of a five-year⁠ fight ⁠with the pharmaceutical industry over regulations to lower drug prices.

The pandemic paradox: Canadians asked to go out and face threat that kept them inside for weeks

How should we navigate the next weeks and months? That nasty and sometimes deadly pathogen that sent the world into hiding is still out there.

Testing, contact tracing are keys to easing social restrictions. But is Canada ready?

There have been problems with COVID-19 testing across Canada, and it's not clear whether those problems have been fixed to prepare the country to ease restrictions.

Will it really take 'weeks' to ease physical distancing? Maybe not

With increasing evidence that Canada has succeeded in flattening the COVID-19 curve, the next challenge is when and how to begin easing Canada's physical distancing rules. Take it slow and steady, some experts suggest, adding that it might be possible to start the easing sooner than you think.

Why isn't Canada testing everyone for coronavirus?

Patients are pleading for coronavirus tests. Front-line doctors want everyone coming into the hospital to get a test, while nursing homes can only test people with symptoms. Ontario has a backlog of tests one day and an excess capacity the next. How did this happen?

Why Canada is taking so long to start testing blood for COVID-19

Because of testing delays in Canada, thousands of COVID-19 cases are being missed. There is a rapid blood test that will reveal within 15 minutes who has been infected, but so far none of those tests has been approved for use in Canada.

Why Canada's COVID-19 'war-time' response could be derailed by a swab on a stick

Shortages of testing swabs and laboratory chemicals, along with a bottleneck at provincial laboratories, means Canada has not been able to ramp up its capacity to test Canadians for COVID-19.

ICU chief contacts cosmetic surgeons, carpenters in search of supplies for COVID-19 battle

Without a stockpile of essential medical equipment, health-care workers are heading into battle without the support they need. An intensive care physician in Toronto is calling everyone he knows, including carpenters, construction workers and veterinarians, asking for help. While there’s still time.

Why it's so difficult to get tested for COVID-19 in Canada

A key to slowing the pandemic is widespread testing. Yet, some Canadians are learning they might never know if they had COVID-19. A testing backlog caused by supply shortages is forcing some provinces to prioritize who gets tested.

Prominent scientist dares to ask: Has the COVID-19 response gone too far?

When a respected researcher published a commentary questioning the drastic measures of the global COVID-19 response, public health experts seized the moment to explain why there is no time to wait for complete, evidence-based science before responding to a pandemic.