Dr. Meera Dalal

Dr. Meera Dalal is an Internal Medicine resident at the University of British Columbia and a journalism fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

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New hope for ITP patients dashed by high drug cost

A newly available drug would allow a woman with a life-threatening bleeding disorder to resume 'a normal life,' if she could afford it.

Lucky Iron Fish in cooking pots tackle anemia

An "iron fish" in a cooking pot can provide 75 per cent of the recommended daily intake of iron when anemic mothers in Cambodia boil it with food, delegates were told at the maternal and child health summit in Toronto.

World Cup cities gain dengue fever alerts

Travellers to FIFA's World Cup in Brazil now have a guide to which host cities are at highest risk for dengue fever.

Red wine antioxidants don't improve heart health

You might not be able to pass off the daily glass of red-wine as good for your heart anymore.

Labiaplasty defended by plastic surgeons

Doctors are fiercely divided on the ethics of surgery to trim the minor labia, with OBGYNs believing physicians have a responsibility to educate patients on what is 'normal' and plastic surgeons believing patients have the right to chose for themselves.

Beard transplants a growing trend

Rudy Ionides recently had a beard transplant because he was unable to grow a full beard without any patches.

Stress and infertility linked in study

Doctors have been telling women who want to get pregnant to "Let it happen" and not stress about it for years. Recently, a new study published in the journal Human Reproduction uses hormones and enzymes that are biomarkers of stress to show that stress can almost double your chance of infertility.