Chethan Sathya

Chethan Sathya M.D. MSc (C) is a surgical resident at the University of Toronto and a Fellow in Global Journalism at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Follow him on twitter @drchethansathya

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Scanner gives surgeons real-time 'road map' of human body

The 7D Surgical Navigation device being tested by a team of doctors and engineers from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Ryerson University in Toronto may bring surgeons a step closer to making virtual navigation of the human body – akin to a car’s GPS — a part of their surgical repertoire.

Shorter shifts for surgical interns may not benefit patients

For surgical residents, also known as interns or surgeons-in-training, learning how to stay alert through long shifts is just as important as any medical skill. But new data suggests Canada’s future surgeons and their patients may actually be better off without work-hour restrictions.

Organ donation after cardiac death

The first Canadian in nearly four decades to donate her organs after cardiac death, not brain death, was a decision that didn’t go unnoticed.

How Google Glass could revolutionize surgery

Given the delicacy of their work, surgeons have always had access to state-of-the-art medical technology in the operating room. But many of them covet Google Glass, which could in fact revolutionize the way they operate.

Hookah smoking's dangers lead to bans

Appealing flavours pulling in young waterpipe users

Docs offside on physician-assisted suicide

What happens if physician-assisted suicide becomes legal, even as most doctors remain deeply opposed to it?

Why surgeon's skills need testing during training

International coalition of medical experts determining how to measure surgeon skill in a way that is helpful to surgeons and patients.