Adam Miller

Senior Health Writer

Adam Miller is a senior health writer with CBC News. He's covered health, politics and breaking news extensively in Canada for over a decade, in addition to several years reporting on news and current affairs throughout Asia.

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New mRNA vaccine targeting all known flu strains shows early promise

A new mRNA vaccine targeting all known flu strains in a single shot is showing early promise in animal studies and is opening the door to a wide range of possibilities with the vaccine technology — including potentially preventing the next influenza pandemic. 
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Why mask mandates may be harder to justify in solving the crisis in children's hospitals

Masks have been essential throughout the pandemic, but while everyone is encouraged to wear them to protect themselves in certain situations during respiratory illness season, mandating them now is harder to justify for a wide range of reasons.
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Moderna is banking on a combined COVID, flu and RSV vaccine. Will it work?

Moderna is developing a combined COVID-19, flu and RSV vaccine — but hasn't released data to show it would work safely.
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Soaring food prices could have major impact on Canadians' health

Food prices have soared to their highest rates in almost half a century — and that could lead to some serious impacts on Canadians' health.
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New immune-evasive Omicron strains are coming. Is Canada ready?

Canada is heading into a potentially brutal winter as COVID-19 hospitalizations rise, Omicron continues to rapidly mutate and booster uptake remains stagnant.
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The COVID emergency may be over — but when will the pandemic end?

COVID-19 may no longer be seen as the global emergency it once was, but with highly contagious new subvariants emerging that have the potential to drive future waves at a time when the health-care system is already overburdened, when will the pandemic end?

Health Canada approves Pfizer's new bivalent COVID-19 vaccine

Health Canada has approved Pfizer's new bivalent COVID-19 vaccine for use as a booster dose in those aged 12 and up.
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New Omicron strains on the horizon could drive future COVID waves

Omicron continues to mutate and produce new strains that have been shown to better evade immunity and have the potential to drive new COVID waves.

Majority of Canadians have now caught COVID — so what does that mean for the future? 

The majority of Canadians have caught COVID-19 since Omicron and its highly contagious subvariants triggered enormous waves of infection this year — with new estimates suggesting almost two-thirds of the population have had it.
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What protection to expect from updated COVID vaccines this fall

Canada has just approved an updated COVID-19 vaccine to target the first highly contagious Omicron variant, with doses expected to start rolling out within days. But what exactly can we expect from these new shots in the real world?