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Adam Miller is a senior health writer with CBC News. He's covered health, politics and breaking news extensively in Canada for over a decade, in addition to several years reporting on news and current affairs throughout Asia.

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Why the timing of your next COVID shot is so important

The timing of your next COVID-19 vaccine may be more important than ever as highly contagious Omicron subvariants are on the rise in Canada and waning immunity from previous vaccination and infection threatens to fuel another surge.
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Why leaving monkeypox unchecked in Canada could put more people at risk

Canada needs to act fast to get the monkeypox outbreak under control by scaling up testing, identifying cases quickly and solving key unanswered questions about the origin and ongoing spread of the virus before it takes root here and puts our most vulnerable at risk, public health experts say.
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Why decriminalizing drug possession won't fix Canada's toxic supply

Canada's toxic drug supply problem can’t be fixed by decriminalizing the possession of small quantities of drugs alone — a move that advocates say is a step in the right direction but a far cry from addressing the worsening overdose crisis.
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Monkeypox outbreaks may have quietly spread unnoticed for months worldwide

As the world races to understand more about rapidly emerging monkeypox outbreaks, the speed in which cases are being discovered worldwide signals a major shift in the behaviour of the virus and its ability to spread from person to person unnoticed.

Monkeypox cases under investigation in Canada as outbreak spreads in Europe, U.S.

Health officials in Quebec are investigating more than a dozen cases of suspected monkeypox in Canada, after U.S. and European health officials confirmed rising cases of the rare infectious disease — suggesting a wider outbreak may be happening globally.
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Why COVID is a key suspect in severe hepatitis cases in kids worldwide

Unexplained hepatitis cases among children continue to emerge in Canada and around the world, and while health officials desperately search for a cause of the mysterious illness, researchers are pointing to a possible link to COVID-19.
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Previous COVID infection provides an 'edge' over Omicron — especially with vaccination

A new Canadian study found catching COVID-19 provided strong protection against future Omicron reinfection and hospitalization — especially when combined with vaccination.
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What could 'COVID season' actually look like?

Even if COVID isn't going away, some predictability about future waves would be nice. With highly contagious new variants emerging and driving surges around the world at different times — it doesn’t seem like we’ll reach a regular “COVID season” anytime soon.
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Almost half of Canadians may have caught COVID

Canada’s COVID-19 immunity landscape has completely transformed since the emergence of Omicron — with new estimates suggesting that almost half of the population has been infected.
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Why navigating your COVID risk is now harder than ever

Figuring out where you’re most at risk of catching COVID-19 is more challenging than ever in Canada’s Omicron-fuelled sixth wave. While it may be unrealistic to try to avoid the virus entirely, infectious disease experts say it's also not a good idea to abandon all protections.