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Amina Zafar has reported on SARS, H1N1 flu, Ebola and other medical and science topics for CBC News.

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Eliminating COVID-19 cases in Canada will exact too heavy a toll on society, health experts say

Some public health and infectious disease experts are pressing for governments in Canada to shift to minimizing, not eradicating, COVID-19 while allowing society to resume functioning.

How to make COVID-19 mask-wearing a habit: Social scientists offer some suggestions

How do you convince people in Canada to wear masks? Experts say mandating, not just recommending it, would go a long way to helping people see them as necessary as wearing seatbelts and driving sober.
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The unintended consequences of surgery delays during COVID-19

The sacrifice Canadians have collectively made to flatten the coronavirus curve also includes immeasurable suffering from postponed surgeries, says a B.C. man who lost his mother not to the virus but to cancer.

Why overuse of antibiotics in COVID-19 could have lasting impact in health care

A leading Canadian microbiologist studying the overuse use of antibiotics in pandemic patients says overuse could have grave consequence down the road.

What some Western countries could learn about fighting pandemics in the community

Countries that successfully kept COVID-19 infections and deaths down not only acted early but in a more community-centred way, says a public health physician who aims to improve preparedness for the next wave and beyond.

Many Canadians used virtual medical care during COVID-19, poll suggests

Canadians embraced virtual health-care options like phone or video appointments during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a new poll released by the Canadian Medical Association. 

Unmasking the stealth virus behind COVID-19

Scientists have discovered the pandemic-causing coronavirus is unique in short-circuiting the safest way our immune system kills off a virus, which could have implications for treating COVID-19 with interferon.
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Learning how the coronavirus affects the body offers clues to fight COVID-19

Doctors and scientists are examining the inflammatory effects of the novel coronavirus for clues to prevention and treatment.
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Drug strategies to fight COVID-19 move beyond guesses

Doctors are exploring how to attack COVID-19 with antiviral treatments repurposed from HIV and Ebola.

Canadians to help develop, test potential COVID-19 vaccine from Chinese company

The National Research Council of Canada said Tuesday it will work with a Chinese company to try to develop its potential vaccine for COVID-19 more quickly.

What works to flatten the curve and what science says on easing restrictions

As provinces move to loosen their coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, a new Canadian study analyzing what's worked elsewhere could guide the easing of restrictions.

What we know and don't know about immunity to COVID-19

If you had COVID-19 and recovered, does that mean you're immune?

What doctors and parents should watch for when COVID-19 affects children, including 'COVID toes'

COVID-19 is not hitting children in Canada or other countries as hard as adults, but doctors who care for children are on the lookout for unusual symptoms, including "COVID toes."

Putting off kids' vaccines during COVID-19 heightens risk of other outbreaks

With daycares and schools closed across Canada, immunization requirements aren't being enforced by public health officials, and that has doctors worried about a possible surge in measles, whooping cough and other serious, vaccine-preventable illnesses.

'Your whole life is spent caring': Clinicians over 60 stay on the job during pandemic despite the greater risk

More than one-third of Canada's COVID-19 cases are people 60 and over. Many doctors and nurses are in that age group, which has experts considering about how best to protect them during the coronavirus outbreak, including the use of virtual care and other innovative tools.