Haydn Watters

Haydn Watters is a roving reporter for Ontario, primarily serving the province's local radio shows. He has worked for CBC News and CBC Radio in Halifax, Yellowknife, Ottawa and Toronto, with stints at the politics bureau and the entertainment unit. He also ran an experimental one-person pop-up bureau for the CBC in Barrie, Ont.

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'Highlight of their year': Why pot-bellied pigs are ravenous for pumpkins

Kara Burrow is getting truckloads of used pumpkins — and she still wants yours. She said they are the perfect treat for the hundred pigs she looks after.

Ontario's moth maven has mixed feelings about memes

Biologist Seabrooke Leckie has devoted much of her career to moths, documenting the thousands of species living here in Ontario. But with the growing popularity of moth memes, her passion has turned into a punchline — and she's got mixed feelings.

What you asked about marijuana legalization in Ontario — and what we still don't know

Cannabis is now legal but there are a lot of questions left about how it is going to work here in Ontario. Here are some of your questions.
On Drugs

Just say no: How some communities are fighting pot legalization

Legalization is imminent but several Canadian towns and cities aren't keen on selling cannabis in their communities. Here's why they are fighting back.

When it comes to cabinet, here's who won — and who lost

A handful of Liberal cabinet ministers went down in defeat Monday evening — but the bulk are headed back to legislature, whatever that might look like.

Here's what election night could mean for smaller parties

When it comes to elections in New Brunswick, it's pretty much always been a two-party race between Liberals and PCs. But that could change on Monday.

As Pelee Island erodes, islanders bank on tourism for fix

Wild weather has been wreaking havoc on the remote island's shores, eroding them and ruining water wells. They've got little money to fix them, so some islanders are turning to tourism to make it happen.
The Campaigner

Introducing Ontario's new premier: Doug Ford

After an intense, hard-fought election campaign, Doug Ford woke up this morning as incoming premier of Canada's largest province. Here's how things are looking on the first day of his incoming premiership and the last day of The Campaigner.
Live Blog Recap

Vote Compass has been used 365K times. What has been learned?

With a day to go until the election, it's time to check back in with the brain trust behind Vote Compass to see how the tool has been used over the course of the campaign. Recap our live blog discussion.

Soaring rents in Barrie are making affordable housing an election issue

Affordable housing has come up on the campaign trail with the four major parties all pledging more money and support. But will they come through?
The Campaigner

After Wynne concedes, Ford ignores it

According to Poll Tracker, all Liberal seats are in danger, which is why Kathleen Wynne will be out Sunday canvassing in her own riding of Don Valley West — a seat she's safely held since 2003. This is your Campaigner for June 3.
The Campaigner

Wynne knows she won't win

Wynne's admission she believes she'll lose her job as premier highlights the fierce battle going on between the PCs and the NDP, who — according to Poll Tracker — are effectively tied. This is your Campaigner for June 2.
The Campaigner

'Please don't interrupt me,' says Horwath as Liberal candidate crashes NDP event

Now with just over a week to go until election day, the leaders are continuing to campaign hard. Here's where we are on day 20.

'Have you ever been to a daycare?': 6 key moments from Ontario leaders' debate

Not much was off limits as Ontario's three major party leaders sparred on stage for the final time before election day. They covered everything from Hydro One to Adolf Hitler.
The Campaigner

Liberals allege, Doug Ford dodges

Two weeks to go until election day — but the focus today is on two years ago when Liberals allege PC Leader Doug Ford was trying to sell "bogus" PC memberships inside an Etobicoke Tim Hortons. Here's where we are on day 16.