Haydn Watters

Haydn Watters is a roving reporter for Ontario, primarily serving the province's local radio shows. He has worked for CBC News and CBC Radio in Halifax, Yellowknife, Ottawa and Toronto, with stints at the politics bureau and the entertainment unit. He also ran an experimental one-person pop-up bureau for the CBC in Barrie, Ont.

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School custodians strive to keep COVID out. But here's what they do when there's an outbreak

School custodians usually deal with dirty halls, clogged toilets and gum under desks. This year, there's an added challenge — keeping COVID-19 at bay.

School secretaries source of calm in chaotic pandemic year

Secretaries make sure a school runs smoothly, a skill especially needed in a year as unpredictable as this one.

Ontario school boards lose 20% of education directors as daunting pandemic year looms

As school boards head into a challenging year, a significant amount will coincidentally have new leaders to guide them through it. Here's the full list of departing directors.

If you aren't sick of the pandemic, Ontario universities offer COVID courses this fall

At some universities around Ontario, COVID has become part of the curriculum, with schools teaching pandemic-themed courses in health, law, politics, art and economics.

Here's the list of licence plates Ontario doesn't want on the road

From NO COVID to OKBOOMER, the Ontario government denied thousands of personalized licence plate requests over the past year. Here's the full list and its highlights.

Inconsistencies, double standards muddle Ontario's rules for reopening

From masks and social bubbles to gatherings and singing in public, a look at some of the inconsistencies and double standards inside the province's COVID-19 rules.

How anti-Black racism protests are popping up in small towns across Ontario

Protests against anti-Black violence and police brutality have been happening in big cities across the globe. And some small Ontario communities are taking a stand too.

COVID-19 has caused spike in security guard hiring. Here's what the job's been like

Before you even step through the front doors of a grocery store or a hospital now, you'll probably see a security guard. They've played a prominent role during this pandemic ⁠— and will be a lot more prominent as Ontario starts to open back up.

She spent 10 days in hospital during Walkerton's tainted water scandal. Now she's studying to be a doctor

It's been 20 years this long weekend since E.coli was discovered in the water in Walkerton, Ont. Seven people died and more than 2,300 fell ill. Some people are still suffering the long-term effects.

He cleans 'COVID rooms' in the ICU — and keeps dying patients company

Most are doing their best to avoid other people's germs right now. But for cleaners and those who get rid of that trash, they're coming into contact with COVID-19 every shift.

Ontario landlords, businesses don't have to disclose COVID-19 cases. But should they?

The province says no one has to tell others if they get COVID-19. The same goes for businesses or landlords, should employees or tenants get sick. But should you tell?

Cancelled Ontario festivals will receive funding. But can they survive COVID-19?

With large crowds not allowed for the foreseeable future, it's unclear when Ontario festivals will be back and how they make money in the meantime.

We're told to stay home. But these workers keep making house calls amid COVID-19

Plumbers, technicians, pest control — a pandemic isn't stopping these workers from going into homes of potentially sick strangers to fix problems.

Senior choirs find creative ways to keep singing while apart

Choirs aren't allowed in hospitals or nursing homes to sing for Easter because of COVID-19. Creative choristers are making sure the song carries on.

What it's like for couriers who keep delivering so you can stay home

Couriers have taken on a new level of responsibility during this pandemic, going out and risking getting sick so many can stay at home. Here's how they are coping.