Haydn Watters

Haydn Watters is a roving reporter for Ontario, primarily serving the province's local radio shows. He has worked for CBC News and CBC Radio in Halifax, Yellowknife, Ottawa and Toronto, with stints at the politics bureau and the entertainment unit. He also ran an experimental one-person pop-up bureau for the CBC in Barrie, Ont.

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This rural Ontario black hockey line broke barriers — producing generations of star players

It was rare to see black hockey players in the 1950s, especially in rural Ontario. Unless you were in Mount Forest. Three black men were recruited to join the small-town Redmen team, where the trio dazzled packed arenas.

Why this man is using a machine to grow icicles in his backyard

Icicles may be everywhere this time of year but growing them yourself is tough. A pair of Toronto science artists are trying to change that — and perfect the growth — with their backyard icicle machine.
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Here's what the province and teachers get wrong on job action

Amid the teacher job actions, there's been a lot of misleading and false information coming from both the province and teachers and their unions. Here are some of the more common claims that have caused confusion.

As final Zellers stores close, former employees swap memories, memorabilia

The final two Zellers stores will shut down later this month. But an active community of former employees hopes to keep the doomed department store remembered through memorabilia and online.

This Niagara street takes Christmas very seriously — wrapping every house in lights

Every house on Rio Lane in St. Catharines, Ont., is dressed up in lights for the Christmas season. It's a street tradition that's been going on for 40 years, with front lawns littered in holiday inflatables, homemade cutouts and thousands of lights.

This 91-year-old might just be southwestern Ontario's birdhouse king

George Adams wanted to keep busy in retirement. So he started building birdhouses. He's since put up hundreds and maintains them year-round.

Ice sculpting is big business worldwide — and this tiny Ont. town is a major player

Ice sculptures are big business, a luxury item coveted worldwide, and the tiny town of Hensall, Ont., plays a crucial part in that.

First Nations paranormal hunters scour Six Nations for spirits

It may be a 'glorified hobby' but S.N.I.P.E., a First Nations paranormal investigation team, spends its time hunting for ghosts and spirits on the Six Nations reserve — and beyond.

How often does the party with the most seats lose the popular vote?

The final installment of answering your election questions — from how long minorities typically last to what the future holds for the party leaders.

As election day nears, what's stopping me from voting twice?

More answers to your election questions ahead of voting day including dying after voting and how campaigns use teleprompters.

Where do ballot boxes go overnight during the advance vote? Someone's house

Answers to more of your election questions including those on vaping, fixed date elections and using a crayon to vote.

Why was the Bloc included in the English debate?

A collection of even more answers to election questions, including those about cellphone voting, the prime minister's tax returns and how each party got its colours.

Youth voters guide: From how to register to voting at school

We've been getting lots of questions from young people voting for the very first time. So we've rounded up answers to some of the most common, from how to vote from afar to getting involved when you are too young to actually vote.

How can I vote on campus? Your election questions answered

We're tackling even more election questions we've received from you, including those about party donations, stances on nuclear energy and bringing kids to the polls.

Liberals broke their promise. But where do other parties stand on electoral reform?

As you send us your election questions, we've been hearing a lot about electoral reform. Not much has been said about this during the campaign, but that doesn't mean the parties don't have views on it.