Hadeel Ibrahim

Hadeel Ibrahim is a CBC reporter based out of Saint John. She can be reached at hadeel.ibrahim@cbc.ca

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Hospital laundry workers ordered back to work

Workers responsible for doing a large share of the province’s hospital and nursing home laundry have been ordered to get back to work.

Hospital laundry workers walk out, province files labour board complaint

The New Brunswick government has filed a complaint against unionized Saint John Laundry workers who left the job to protest how they're being treated.

More time needed for fatal hit-and-run sentencing in Saint John

A judge needs more time to decide on the sentence of the man who admitted to a fatal hit-and-run in Saint John.

Collision reconstruction expert places fatal hit-and-run offender in wrong lane

A collision reconstruction expert testified Thursday that it was impossible for John Ford to have been travelling in the correct lane when he struck Scott Robertson on a Saint John road last year.

Anglophone South rejects 2nd budget to challenge EA funding shortfall

The Anglophone South School District has rejected its operating budget for the second time this fall.

Saint John council puts weight behind new recycling system

The majority of Saint John city councillors appear to be in favour of a pilot project that could change how the city deals with its trash. 

Saint John considers wage freeze, cuts and fees to tackle $11M deficit

Closing down an arena, reducing winter snow removal and charging fees for police and fire responses are three of about 60 ideas Saint John is considering to address its $11 million deficit.

Accused Fredericton shooter unfit to stand trial, jury decides

The man charged in the shooting deaths of two New Brunswick police officers and two civilians is not fit to stand trial at this time, a Fredericton jury decided on Friday. 

Testimony concludes in accused shooter's fitness hearing

All evidence has been presented to a jury of 12 people tasked with deciding if Matthew Vincent Raymond is fit to stand trial.

First witness takes the stand in accused shooter's fitness hearing

A Fredericton jury heard Wednesday from the first witness at the hearing into whether Matthew Vincent Raymond is fit to stand trial on four charges of first-degree murder. 

12 jurors selected for Matthew Raymond fitness hearing

Twelve jurors were selected from 56 candidates Tuesday at the fitness hearing of accused Fredericton shooter Matthew Vincent Raymond.

No jurors selected yet at accused Fredericton shooter's fitness hearing

No jurors were selected Monday on the first day of a fitness hearing for Matthew Vincent Raymond, the man accused of four counts of first degree murder.

N.B. court decision on new jury selection rules could send ripples through system

A New Brunswick judge's decision that new jury selection rules will not apply to the fitness hearing of accused Fredericton shooter Matthew Vincent Raymond has opened the door to appeals across the country, an Alberta law professor says. 

Judge dismisses judicial review of Mount Carleton snowmobile hub

Justice Richard Petrie rules Wolastoq Grand Council has no standing to ask for consultation.

Hundreds gather at Reversing Falls Bridge to raise mental health awareness

The weekend was just getting underway, when Jessica Holly had a vision of people lining the Reversing Falls Bridge to honour those who have died by suicide.