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About Go Public

Been wronged and want results? Want to hold the powers that be accountable? Go Public wants to hear from you.

We hold powers that be accountable

CBC British Columbia launched Go Public in October of 2007.

You can see and hear the segment every week on CBC News: VancouverThe NationalCBC News Network, CBC Radio and CBC.ca.

We don't make the news – you do.

All of our story ideas come from people who contact us. Many of those people also appear prominently in the stories themselves.

If your story is one we can tackle and it's in the public interest, we will take it on. We get to the bottom of the problem and go after who should be held responsible.

Have a story you think we should tell? Write to us – gopublic@cbc.ca

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About Rosa Marchitelli

Now based in Calgary, Rosa Marchitelli is an experienced and versatile journalist who has a history of breaking stories for local and national audiences.

With more than a decade of experience reporting and in the anchor chair, Marchitelli has developed a reputation of asking tough questions and holding companies and individuals to account.

After working for years as a local and national reporter, and hosting television news programs in Vancouver and Calgary, she recently joined CBC's investigative unit Go Public

Marchitelli's work is seen every week across CBC News' platforms.  She has been recognized for excellence in journalism and is a Jack Webster Awards finalist for Best News Reporting of the Year.

About Erica Johnson

Erica Johnson is a reporter for Go Public, an award-winning investigative news segment featuring stories that hold those in power accountable.

This award-winning CBC journalist is a five-time Canadian Screen Award and Gemini nominee for best host of a news/information series, and winner of Leo Award for best host of an information series.

Johnson began her journalism career in radio in 1987, working at several private radio stations, including CFRB in Toronto, where she reported, hosted and became the first woman at the station to read morning newscasts. Johnson joined the CBC in 1990 as a radio news reporter in Toronto, becoming a national radio reporter and hosting various CBC radio programs, including Radio Noon and Ontario Morning.

Before Go Public, Johnson hosted Marketplace for 16 years.

Although based in television, Johnson still enjoys radio and can regularly be heard hosting various radio programs, and filing for World Report.

Erica Johnson holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University, as well as a degree from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. She lives in Vancouver.