Glenn Payette


A veteran journalist with more than 30 years' experience, Glenn Payette is a videojournalist with CBC News in St. John's.

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Anatomy of a killing: The death of Steven Miller

Following a court hearing this morning, CBC can finally bring you the details of a grisly killing.

Who killed Kimberley Lockyer and Dale Worthman? 25 years later, the answer is unknown

Autopsy photos not seen before show the couple were shot in the head, execution style, but nobody has been convicted of the killings.

Strangulation: the underestimated assault in domestic violence

It is a frightening and potentially deadly scenario that many abused women face — the hands of a loved one wrapped around their necks, squeezing.

Rights violated, child porn charges against former minister tossed

A supreme court judge in St. John's has ruled that the charter rights of a former Anglican priest were violated by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

Oh, the pain of it: Researchers at MUN hope to find out if sitting is bad for the back

A study is underway at Memorial University in St. John's that could make things easier on your back. And wouldn't that be great?

3 months' house arrest for man who recorded video of gym co-workers

A man who set up a camera to record women he worked with at a GoodLife gym in Mount Pearl has been sentenced to house arrest and probation.

8-month jail term for starving pit bull to death

John Corcoran, 33, requested house arrest for animal cruelty but Judge James Walsh said that sentence would be inappropriate.

Ray Newman claims he's the victim in domestic violence case

A man on trial in a domestic violence case in St. John's testified that he was the victim.

Your social status could be more important in your marriage than you think, study suggests

Two professors have done a study on the effects on relationships when women have higher-status jobs.

Voyeurism victims videotaped at gym outraged by co-worker's 'crime of opportunity' defence

Two victims of voyeurism felt like they were being blamed for what happened to them when they heard a defence attorney Thursday.

Man convicted of animal cruelty arrested after failing to show up for court

A man convicted of a horrific case of animal cruelty is now in custody. John Corcoran failed to show up for court last week to be sentenced, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

7 years after fatal accident City of St. John's pleads guilty to safety violations

The City of St. John's has pleaded guilty and been convicted of two breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in connection with a fatal accident on the Outer Ring Road on July 5, 2011.

Driver charged in fatal accident elects trial by judge and jury

A St. John's man charged with dangerous driving causing death has elected to be tried in Supreme Court by judge and jury.

Devilish 666 removed from St. John's house, at owner's request

How much could an address change be worth? Charlie Anonsen says about $100,000.

St. John's display in support of Humboldt crash goes further than most

St. John's resident Hubert Noftall has taken his hockey stick display in support of the Humboldt Broncos a bit further than most.