Gillian Findlay

Co-host, The Fifth Estate

Gillian Findlay hosts and reports for CBC Television's investigative program, the fifth estate. In the past decade, she has reported from Haiti, Afghanistan and South Korea. Recent investigations have included questions about Canadian tax dodges oversees, Canada's purchase of the F-35 fighter plane, sexual abuse within the RCMP and the role of Quebec's social services agencies in the deaths of the Shafia family.

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Fifth Estate

'It's overwhelming': Survivors create public list of Catholic clerics accused of sexual abuse

Survivors of sexual abuse by Catholics clerics have compiled and published a list of men accused of the abuse in a southwestern Ontario diocese over the past 60 years.

Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver aware of 36 cases of clergy sex abuse since 1950s, CBC learns

The Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver was aware of 36 cases of abuse by clergy under its jurisdiction since the 1950s, including 26 involving children, results of an internal review of cases of clergy sexual abuse obtained by CBC's The Fifth Estate show.
The Implant Files

Feeling 'sliced up inside': Birth control implant Essure led to pain, serious problems for some women

A lack of detailed information about Essure, a permanent birth control implant, and the adverse reactions women were having to it, put some women's health in jeopardy, a CBC News/Fifth Estate investigation found. The investigation also found that Health Canada, which is responsible for regulating medical devices, hasn’t been transparent about Essure's licencing or reporting problems with it.

'Neglect of duty' found in review of Thunder Bay police investigation into death of Indigenous man

An independent review of the Thunder Bay Police Service’s investigation into the death of an Indigenous man in 2015 found “substantial” deficiencies that are being considered “neglect of duty,” The Fifth Estate has found.
CBC Investigates

Stephen Bronfman denies link to offshore trust, but documents show it helped expand family business

Liberal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman, under fire for his ties to an offshore trust in the Cayman Islands exposed in the Paradise Papers, insisted Monday that he "has never funded nor used offshore trusts." But documents point to close business ties between his investment company Claridge and the Cayman Islands-based Kolber Trust.
CBC Investigates

Trudeau's chief fundraiser linked to Cayman Islands tax scheme

A massive leak of data from an offshore law firm has revealed that Stephen Bronfman and his Montreal-based investment company were key players linked to a $60-million US offshore trust in the Cayman Islands that may have cost Canadians millions of dollars in unpaid taxes.
CBC Investigates

Billionaires' law firm helped wage 'Kill Bill' campaign to block offshore tax legislation

A Montreal law firm representing clients closely connected to the federal Liberal Party was a leading player in a campaign a decade ago to block offshore tax legislation, a CBC News/Toronto Star investigation has found.

Syrian photographer hopes exposé of 'slaughter' will help build case against Assad regime

A former military forensic photographer for Syria’s Department of Defence told CBC’s The Fifth Estate he smuggled thousands of photos out of the country to show the world the “slaughter” and “ongoing massacre” occurring inside the Assad regime.

'Potential misconduct' probe launched into judges after CBC revelations

The body that oversees federally appointed judges in Canada has launched an investigation into three judges after revelations on CBC’s the fifth estate and Radio-Canada’s Enquête last week.

Tax court judge attended party hosted by law firm linked to KPMG

The judge overseeing a Vancouver tax court case involving accounting giant KPMG attended an exclusive party in Europe sponsored by the law firm alleged to have signed off on the accounting firm's offshore tax "sham," a fifth estate/Enquête investigation has found.

Wealthy Canadians exposed in KPMG offshore tax 'sham'

A billionaire Ontario developer with an Order of Canada, a senior vice-president of media giant Rogers Communications and the owners of Winnipeg’s famed Nutty Club candy factory are among wealthy Canadians who appear to be linked to a secret tax dodge in the Isle of Man, according to an investigation by CBC’s the fifth estate and Radio-Canada’s Enquête.

KPMG offshore tax dodge a 'facade' designed to hide money, ex-client says

A former client of the accounting giant KPMG says a tax scheme that involved wealthy people gifting their money to an offshore jurisdiction was a “facade” designed to hide money from the taxman.