Fakiha Baig

Fakiha Baig is a journalist at CBC Edmonton. She has a special interest in local, community stories.

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'I'm supposed to be here': Edmontonian breaks national freediving records

Sheena McNally, 35, of Edmonton, has broken national freediving records and has set a goal of breaking another record in Cyprus in October.

'We're feeling helpless': Kashmiris in Edmonton worry for family back home

Kashmiris living in Edmonton say they are worried for their families back home who they haven't spoken to for more than a week since India downgraded Kashmir's status from a state with some autonomy to two territories.

Police investigating 5 incidents of vandalism at west Edmonton school

Crestwood School says they have reported at least five different cases of vandalism to police since June after several of the school’s windows were found broken in separate instances.

'Built wrong from the start': Fort Saskatchewan condo residents get some answers

Over a week after their sudden eviction, residents of a Fort Saskatchewan condo building learned Sunday night the building they were living in was not constructed according to its blueprint, which lead to it being deemed “structurally unsafe” 16 years after it was built. 

Staying active can be the best way to beat your rainy blues, expert says

We've had a historically wet summer and it's impacting golf courses and your feelings. But experts say, stay active.

Researchers chipping away at marine reptile fossil found near Fort McMurray

Plesiosaurs swam in the world's oceans while dinosaurs roamed the land. The latest plesiosaurs discovered in Fort McMurray is not the first for Alberta.

Growing demand for Eid bazaars helps local home-based businesses

Two days before the big day, Tehmina Khan shuffles around her home organizing the clothing she ordered from India and Pakistan in preparation for the second North Edmonton Eid Bazaar.

'Our own way to belong': East African women's kitchen heats up in Edmonton

Dozens of women in one small northeast kitchen are working towards their dream of opening their own restaurant.

Being sad for the planet: Edmontonians share experiences with ecological grief

Once every month, a group of Edmontonians gather to support one another and share their experiences with eco-grief - a psychological cost of climate change experts say they are hearing more and more about.

South Asian mango shipments boom in Edmonton grocery stores

Over the past two decades, Edmonton has welcomed hundreds of South Asians and with it, comes their love for the sweet, juicy mangoes grown back home.