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Erin Brohman is a former pediatric nurse at the Stollery Children Hospital in Edmonton and the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. After graduating from King's College with a journalism degree, she took off to Yellowknife to work for CBC North for nearly two years, then settled in Winnipeg. At CBC Manitoba she blends her interests in health care and sharing people's stories. Story tip? Email

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'That's a very rare sight': Driver spots family of lynx crossing Manitoba highway

A Manitoba Hydro worker pulled out his phone when he noticed little faces peering out from the trees on his drive to work near Grand Rapids, Man., never expecting he’d capture a sight most will never see in their lifetime. 

Nurses pen letter to public on 'crisis' as 1 in 4 positions vacant at St. Boniface ER

More than a quarter of nursing positions in St. Boniface Hospital's emergency department are currently unfilled, prompting staff to publicly demand help for what they call a crisis.

Senior knocked out by thief with bottle calls on MBLL to fast-track Liquor Mart secure entrances

A Winnipeg man knocked unconscious after someone hit him in the head with a bottle during a liquor mart theft is warning the public and calling for a faster rollout of controlled entrances at all liquor stores.

Paramedic-run medical transport service in Selkirk offers rides, not remedies

A paramedic from Selkirk says his private medical transport company is operating within the law to get people to their medical appointments safely, but Manitoba Health and the Paramedics Association of Manitoba warn its messaging is misleading.

Homeless community displaced after city razes their camp following teepee blaze

People staying in the remaining tents had to move their belongings to the side, as front-end loaders razed their camp.

2 teepees used by homeless in downtown Winnipeg destroyed by fire

Two teepees donated to Winnipeg’s homeless community to keep them warm have been destroyed by fire, renewing calls for support for the people who had lived in them.

'I just want to hear from him': Wife of missing Winnipeg man asks public to help bring him home

The family of Spencer Brason, 33, who was last seen in Winnipeg's Woodhaven area late Friday evening, is asking for the public's help in bringing him home.

'Huge' life-expectancy gap between Winnipeg's neighbourhoods highlights areas in need: experts

A "huge" gap in life expectancy and overall health between two Winnipeg neighbourhoods points to gaps in levels of income, housing, education and nutrition, experts say, and lays out priorities for future social and health-care planning.

'No reason' for forcing Nigerian man to leave wife, infant daughter in Canada: lawyer

A Nigerian man who crossed the border into Canada years ago was forced out of the country Monday, separating him from his wife and baby in a case that family and experts say is unfair.

Winnipeg man who is deaf-blind, physician protest widespread diagnostic lab closures

A Winnipeg man who is deaf and blind says the upcoming closure of nearly half of the city’s diagnostic labs will make things harder for people with disabilities, but the private company that owns the labs says the changes will improve overall service.

Shared Health takes over Manitoba's Lifeflight air ambulance service

Manitoba's government has shuffled responsibility for the Lifeflight air ambulance program from Manitoba Health to Shared Health, the organization that co-ordinates health care in the province. 

HSC makes plea to staff for additional nurses to manage growing number of patients

The Health Sciences Centre is calling for nurses to work in the adult emergency and adult medicine departments to manage a growing number of patients and to prep for flu season.

$200 fine for failing to display address in back lane 'absolutely a money grab,' says Winnipeg senior

A Winnipeg senior says she's stressed out and saddened over being slapped with a $200 fine after a sign indicating her house number disappeared from her backyard fence.

Incorrect cancer diagnoses, amputation from flesh-eating disease among Manitoba critical incidents last spring

The latest report of critical incidents in Manitoba details several pediatric incidents, three deaths and many falls leading to fractures due to patients left unsupervised.

'Let the people pee': Winnipeg woman shares story of bathroom violation to protect others

A young Winnipeg woman is speaking out to protect others after she says her privacy and dignity were violated when she was confronted by a security guard while using a public washroom.