YouTube Space for video creators expands to Canada

YouTube has secured a new foothold in Canada with a production and training incubator in Toronto, that aims to help creators further succeed in their craft.

Video sharing web company opens doors to its ninth venue worldwide for production and training

Canadian online video stars on the benefits of having a Toronto YouTube studio to support new content creation. 1:45

YouTube has secured a new foothold in the Canadian digital market with YouTube Space Toronto — a well-equipped 'creative industry incubator'.  

In these studio spaces, video creators can access high-tech resources to produce professional quality web content.

The Toronto operation, part of George Brown College in the city's east end, is the ninth YouTube Space worldwide, following the model of already-established outposts in other cities including London, New York, and Los Angeles.

YouTube creators (from L-R) Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid (The Sorry Girls), Candice Hutching (Edgy Veg), Gregory Brown (AsapSCIENCE), Kimberly Snyder (Ask Kimberly), Anthony Deluca (Anthony DelucV), Yolanda Gampp (How to Cake It), Sara Lynn Cauchon (The Domestic Geek), Kristen Sarah (Hopscotch the Globe) celebrate the launch of YouTube Space Toronto on April 26, 2016. (CBC News)

"Toronto has a really rich creative history," Adam Relis, head of YouTube Space New York, told CBC News at the launch event on Tuesday.

YouTube Space Toronto is the ninth such space worldwide and the first of its kind in Canada. (YouTube)
"It's also a very vibrant YouTube creator community. We wanted to come here and really be in a place where the market demanded it so we could support and invest in those creators."

The 3,500 square foot facility boasts two customizable studios, areas for courses and training, as well as a range of equipment — cameras, microphones, lights and more — available to use for free.

The space, gear, and guidance is available to creators with already existing subscriber bases of at least 10,000 followers.

Popular YouTube personality Sara Lynn Cauchon, also known as The Domestic Geek, has attracted more than 724,000 followers with her stylish food video channel after just two years.

She says that YouTube Space Toronto would have been "hugely valuable" to her when she was first starting out.

"Access to several cameras at once, for example. I started shooting on a single cam, it took twice as long," Cauchon explained.

"To have a space where you could really spread out if you're square footage-challenged, the way I am...this is a real luxury."