Will Ferrell, buffoonish step-dad in Daddy's Home, says own kids unimpressed by fame

In Daddy's Home, Will Ferrell's step-dad character is outrageous and sometimes offensive when battling his kids' biological father (Mark Wahlberg) for their affection. But off-screen, the comedic actor is surprisingly down-to-earth, especially when discussing parenting and his own family.

Daddy's Home: Will Ferrell on parenting realities

7 years ago
Duration 1:15
The outrageous funnyman, in Toronto to promote his new comedy Daddy's Home, is down-to-earth when it comes to parenting.
  Knock knock. Who's there? A drunken father. A drunken father, who? A drunken father who yells expletives into a mic, from center court and before thousands of sports fans, during a professional NBA game. Um.. ha ha? 

In his new comedy  Daddy's Home, Will Ferrell's mild-mannered step-dad character, pitted against his kids' biological father Mark Wahlberg, goes on to goad the latter by blurting out: "I'm gonna hurt you, bitch."

It's supposed to be funny because the kids are watching and also because Ferrell has radiated a gentle, hokey vibe for most of the film, which sees step-dad battle "real" dad for the children's affection. 

Daddy's Home is classic Ferrell, fitting into his over-the-top, buffoonish, sometimes-offensive brand of humour that's been well-established in flicks like The Other Guys (also opposite Wahlberg), Get Hard, Step Brothers, Anchorman, Talladega Nights and Old School.

Ferrell thoughtful, low-key in person

Daddy's Home reunites Will Ferrell, left, and Mark Wahlberg, last seen as co-stars of the buddy cop comedy The Other Guys. (Joel Ryan/Invision/Associated Press)

While the onscreen Ferrell often goes below the belt for laughs, what's the off-screen Ferrell like? Surprisingly, he's low-key, thoughtful and generous with his answers. 

While in Toronto this week for a special screening of Daddy's Home, the comedian took his time to share thoughts about lessons from his father ("He was mild-mannered") as well as the approach he takes with his three sons.

Ferrell is thankful, for instance, that his kids are not impressed or wooed by fame and acknowledges that it isn't easy raising a healthy, happy brood.

  The interview wraps with a perfectly timed, one-word answer when asked for his best advice for keeping calm when kids make you want to scream. 

"Xanax," he deadpans, with the expert delivery earning a burst of laughter from the red carpet.

Watch Will Ferrell talk about parenting in the video above.

In his latest outrageous comedy Daddy's Home, Will Ferrell plays a man battling his step-children's biological father for their affections. (Paramount Pictures)


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