VIDEO: Last Call At The Oasis explores water crisis

Oscar-winning director Jessica Yu speaks to CBC about the pending threat of global water shortage, the subject of her documentary Last Call At The Oasis, screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Academy Award-winning director Jessica Yu discusses the very-real threats of a global water shortage, as shown in her film, Last Call At The Oasis 2:05

Last Call At The Oasis looks at the very real threat of a water shortage in the United States, with documentary-maker Jessica Yu receiving insight on the issue from figures ranging from clean-water crusader Erin Brockovich to comedian Jack Black.

Despite the funnyman's appearance, however, the subject of the film is no laughing matter, according to the Academy Award-winning director. She says most North Americans do not appreciate the severity of the water supply situation in this part of the world.

As her film screens at the Toronto International Film Festival, Yu spoke with CBC News about the issues surrounding water shortage and what she hopes audiences will take away from the movie.