VIDEO: Coeur de Pirate returns with Blonde

Chanteuse and pianist Beatrice Martin, aka Coeur de Pirate, talks about the inspiration for her second album, the highs of touring and French artists finding success outside Quebec.

Coeur de Pirate returns with Blonde


9 years ago
Montreal chanteuse and pianist Beatrice Martin, who performs as Coeur de Pirate, tells Radio-Canada's Kevin Sweet about the significance of her sophomore album's title, coming off the highs of touring her debut album and the growing success of French-language artists outside of Quebec. 8:12

Since releasing her self-titled debut abum in 2008, pop chanteuse and pianist Coeur de Pirate has been at the centre of a whirlwind of concerts, international touring, promotion, award shows and, finally, songwriting for a new album.

The Montreal singer, born Beatrice Martin, is now back with her sophomore release, Blonde. It's an album that speaks to the different relationships — romantic and otherwise — she experienced in the past few momentous years.

Though she had garnered acclaim and a French-speaking fan base with 2008's Coeur de Pirate, the singer was playing a few folk festivals across Canada this summer when she discovered — to her delight — that her music had crossed over.

"Most of these kids don't even know French. I had them come up to me and say 'We really like what we do. We learned how to translate your songs because we're so into them,'" she told Radio-Canada's Kevin Sweet.

Martin recalled being just a teen when French-language indie rock band Malajube released its 2004 debut Le Compte complet and thinking "French music is cool now. I can do this too, this is actually interesting," she said.

"There was this huge wave of people starting to sing in French. [They were] actually starting their own bands and importing whatever they were listening to and making that into their own, while singing in French. I think that is great. That's what I'm doing, too. I'm not gonna lie: I have tons of inspiration and I'm just trying to put them all together and do it in French because it is a beautiful language."