Saturday Night Live re-imagines royal wedding reception

The royal reception of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might have been off-limits to reporters, but Saturday Night Live imagined what it would have been like.

Mikey Day plays Prince Harry in 'official video': 'It's your boy Harry Windsor, a.k.a. Ron Sleasley'

Mikey Day plays Prince Harry at his wedding reception on SNL May 19. (NBC/Youtube)

The royal reception of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was off-limits to reporters, but Saturday Night Live gave commoners a glimpse of what it might have been like.

In a sketch during the comedy show's season finale, Mikey Day played Prince Harry in what he called the "official wedding video 2018." Day took viewers inside an imagined after-party: "What's up? It's your boy Harry Windsor, a.k.a. Ron Sleasley."

The "prince" spoke with guests around the room, many of whom were dressed similarly to those at the real wedding. Cecily Strong played Kate Middleton — tipsy after one glass of champagne — and Kate McKinnon played a stern Queen Elizabeth. Aidy Bryant played Elton John, spoofing the first line of the singer's famous song Tiny Dancer as he serenaded the groom: "Hold me closer, tiny ginger."

Day's character also ribbed his brother, Prince William, played by Alex Moffat: "Get a shot of my brother William, the party animal right here." William/Moffat could be seen sipping a cup of tea while swaying to music holding an infant baby carrier.

"I'm so sorry that your hair could not make it tonight," he told Moffat's Duke of Cambridge, who was drinking a "virgin Hot Toddy."

The groom then went to check on the "rando table" and "cheap seats," where a fake colleague from wife Meghan Meghan Markle's Deal or No Deal days had brought her own "briefcase" from the game show.

Comedian Leslie Jones also appeared — as herself — saying: "I started tweeting about the wedding two days ago, and then I got invited!"

At the end of the "video," the newlywed signed off as "Prince Harry Markle."

Saturday Night Live's depiction of the royal brothers represents a new fascination in the U.S. with the British family following Meghan Markle's connection. The show debuted the characters in January.

The show's Weekend Update also poked fun at the royal wedding's passionate sermon, given by American Bishop Michael Curry. Curry was played by long-time cast member Kenan Thompson.

"They told me I had five minutes," said Curry/Thompson. "But the good Lord multiplied it into a cool 16!"

The episode was hosted by SNL alum Tina Fey, with musical guest Nicki Minaj.