Saturday Night Live addresses Harvey Weinstein allegations

NBC's Saturday Night Live gave Harvey Weinstein a pass last week. The disgraced movie mogul wasn't quite so lucky this week.

Disgraced producer was a target in sketches but comedians must tread carefully on sensitive issue

Harvey Weinstein was targeted on SNL Oct. 14 following numerous allegations of sexual harassment against him. (John Carucci/Associated Press)

NBC's Saturday Night Live took on the Harvey Weinstein scandal this week after noticeably staying away from the disgraced mogul the previous weekend.

One of the comedy show's sketches focused on actresses discussing sexual harassment on a talk show. Kate McKinnon played a candid Hollywood starlet from the Golden Era.

She recalled being invited to Weinstein's hotel room where "he was naked, hanging upside down from a monkey bar" and "tried to trick me into thinking his genitals were actually his face."

"It almost worked," McKinnon's character said. "The resemblance is uncanny."

Weekend Update takes aim

Weinstein, once one of Hollywood's most powerful producers, was kicked out of the film academy Saturday and stripped of his voting rights. The decision follows numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment that have come to light over the past several weeks.

Weekend Update with hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost took a series of jabs at Weinstein's fall from grace.

"Apple has announced that it will introduce hundreds of new emojis to its IOS system, including a person at a spa, a vomiting face and a shushing finger. Finally giving emoji fans the ability to describe what it was like to work for Harvey Weinstein," Jost deadpanned in his anchor persona.

Che acknowledged that "it's so hard to make jokes about sexual assault, but it's so easy to make jokes about a guy that looks like this," while pointing to an over-the-shoulder graphic of Weinstein.

"He looks like chewed bubble gum rolled in cat hair."

"He doesn't need sex rehab," Jost added. "He needs a specialized facility where there are no women, no contact with the outside world, metal bars — and — it's a prison."

Silicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani was the guest host with musical guest Pink. No one impersonated Weinstein on the show, but Alec Baldwin returned with his well-known impression of Donald Trump.

James Corden slammed for jokes

With the Weinstein scandal still raw and highly sensitive, comedians must tread carefully.

Late night talk show host James Corden was slammed after making jokes while hosting a celebrity charity benefit in Los Angeles Saturday night.

"This is a beautiful room, it's a beautiful night here in L.A," Corden told the crowd. "It's so beautiful Harvey Weinstein has already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage."

He didn't stop there.

"It has been weird this week though, hasn't it? Watching Harvey Weinstein in hot water. Ask any of the women who watched him take a bath."

The star-studded crowd reacted with very little laughter.

Rose McGowan and Asia Argento, actresses who were among the first to publicly reveal allegations against Weinstein, blasted Corden online afterwards.

"Shame on this pig and everyone who grunted with him," Argento posted on Twitter with a clip of Corden.

Corden apologized on Twitter Sunday, insisting he "was not trying to make light of Harvey's inexcusable behaviour."