Slap Shot stage play set for Toronto debut

Classic hockey comedy Slap Shot is set for a stage revamp from Toronto's Second City.

Second City comedy troupe producing 'interactive' adaptation of sports movie classic

Steve Carlson, who portrayed Steve Hanson in the cult classic Slap Shot, talks about his experiences making the 1977 film during a 35th anniversary screening of the movie in 2012. (John Rucosky/Tribune-Democrat/Associated Press)

The classic hockey comedy Slap Shot is set for a stage revamp from Toronto's Second City.

The comedy troupe will host the debut of Slap Shot Live, an "interactive" theatrical adaptation of the profane 1977 sports classic, which starred Paul Newman as the aging player, coach and conman Reggie Dunlop.

Like the original film, the play tackles the tale of the fictional Charleston Chiefs minor league hockey team, a sad band of players. After a sibling trio of violent, bespectacled enforcers is added to the lineup, Dunlop turns into his crew into a band of crowd-pleasing, bench-clearing brawlers in a last-ditch attempt to save the team.

"It's probably the best sports movie of all time...it has everything: humour, heart and the Hanson Brothers," Second City executive producer Andrew Alexander said in a statement.

Second City is producing the play with New York-based booking agency The Road Company and promoter MagicSpace Entertainment.

A two-week run is slated for Toronto's Second City theatre from July 2-14.

The producers hope to take the production on the road, however, and said they're negotiating with other venues "eager to bring Slap Shot Live to their cities."