Purple Rain screenings hitting theatres, TV and online

As fans continue to mourn music legend Prince, his movie debut Purple Rain is back screening in North American cinemas, on TV and online.

Canadian events include cross-country Cineplex screening on May 2

Prince's cult classic movie Purple Rain, the quasi-autobiographical film that spawned a massive hit album and helped launch him to international stardom, is returning to theatres and is also being shown on television and online. (Warner Bros.)

As fans continue to mourn music legend Prince, his movie debut Purple Rain is back screening in North American cinemas, on TV and online.

Inspired by Prince's early life, Purple Rain revolves around a talented, headstrong young artist dubbed The Kid who struggles with a difficult home life, musical rivals, a budding romance and balancing his band on the road to fame. 

American cinemas — from repertory and independent theatres to national chains like AMC and Carmike — began screening the music-fuelled, quasi-autobiographical tale last weekend after Prince's death and are now expanding into more venues.

Canadian cinemas have followed suit, most prominently with Cineplex announcing a cross-country screening on the evening of May 2, with $1 of every $6.99 ticket sold to be donated to music education charity MusiCounts.

"The funds raised will help put musical instruments into the hands of children and youth who needs music in their lives — a fitting legacy in memory of Prince," said MusiCounts CEO Allan Reid.

Various TV networks have added Purple Rain to their schedules, while online, fans are able to watch the Warner Bros. film via iTunes, Amazon Prime and through on-demand services.

The brainchild of Prince himself and shaped by then-newbie director Albert Magnoli, Purple Rain helped catapult the attention-getting young singer-songwriter and musician to international stardom in the summer of 1984. 

A box-office hit despite earning mixed reviews from critics, the movie won an Oscar for best original song score, with the accompanying album — which featured the No. 1 hits When Doves Cry and the title track — becoming one of pop music's most iconic records. The film has since become a cult classic.

Prince, 57, was found dead at his Paisley Park home-studio complex in suburban Minneapolis last Thursday. 

An autopsy performed the next day to determine cause of death found no evidence of foul play or suicide, but official results are not expected for several weeks.

A crowd pays tribute to Prince inside First Ave, the Minneapolis club where the 1984 movie Purple Rain was filmed, last Thursday. (Renee Jones Schneider/Star Tribute/Associated Press)