Nicki Minaj talks Miley Cyrus, Drake-Meek Mill feud and more in New York Times

Nicki Minaj opens up about her feud with Miley Cyrus as well as the rap beef between former collaborator Drake and her boyfriend Meek Mill before shutting down an interview with The New York Times.

Says Cyrus has 'some big balls'

Nicki Minaj, seen accepting the award for hip-hop video of the year for Anaconda at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, shut down an interview with the New York Times. (Matt Sayles/Invision/Associated Press)

No stranger to controversy and known for calling people out, rap superstar Nicki Minaj proves outspoken once again in a far-reaching new interview with The New York Times Magazine, which features her on the cover of its annual culture issue.

Minaj, one of the most powerful and popular female rap stars today, discusses several prominent feuds she's been involved in recent months, including one with pop singer Miley Cyrus tied to MTV's Video Music Awards and another between two of her collaborators: her boyfriend Meek Mill and Canadian rapper Drake.

On Miley Cyrus: 'You have some big balls'

Heading into the MTV awards, Minaj voiced complaints on social media about her track Anaconda failing to earn a nod for the top prize (but was considered for best female video and best hip-hop video). Her Twitter posts, which suggested race was at the heart of the issue, embroiled first fellow nominee Taylor Swift and then Cyrus, who hosted this year's event.

Though she made nice with Swift at the televised ceremony, upon accepting the hip-hop trophy, Minaj blasted host Cyrus in her acceptance, saying: "This bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. Miley, what's good?''

Though she hadn't spoken about the incident publicly since, it still appears to be on her mind.

''The fact that you feel upset about me speaking on something that affects black women makes me feel like you have some big balls," she told the Times, referencing Cyrus.

"You're in videos with black men, and you're bringing out black women on your stages, but you don't want to know how black women feel about something that's so important?" 

On Drake-Meek Mill feud: 'I just want it to be over'

The provocative performer, also known for ubiquitous hits Bang Bang, Starships and Superbass, then proceeded to address the high-profile rap beef between her record labelmate and collaborator Drake and her boyfriend Meek Mill,

The spat made headlines this summer, with Mill accusing Toronto rapper Drake of using a ghost writer. 

"They're men, grown-ass men. It's between them. I hate it. It doesn't make me feel good," Minaj told the Times.

"You don't ever want to choose sides between people you love. It's ridiculous. I just want it to be over."

Vanessa Grigoriadis, the reporter behind the feature article, then admits she used poor wording when -- after also discussing other fiery conflicts at Minaj's record label (involving lawsuits and federal indictments) -- she asked the rap star if she "thrives on drama." 

An offended Minaj quickly shut down the interview shortly after.

"Four grown-ass men are having issues between themselves, and you're asking me do I thrive off drama?'' she responded.

Referring to Grigoriadis as "a troublemaker', she concluded: "Do not speak to me like I'm stupid or beneath you in any way. I don't care to speak to you anymore."

Nicki Minaj, seen at left with boyfriend and rapper Meek Mill in June, said of his feud with Drake: 'I just want it to be over.' (Chris Pizzello/Associated Press)


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