Michael Bublé sparks social media firestorm with 'body shaming' Instagram photo

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé is embroiled in a social media controversy over a photo he posted of a young woman's backside on Instagram Monday.

'There was something about this photo ...' wrote the 39-year-old Canadian crooner in the caption

Michael Bublé, Canadian crooner and Haven't Met You Yet hitmaker, is embroiled in a social media controversy over a photo he posted online.

Bublé, seen posing with his arms crossed, tagged the post with hashtags #babygotback, #hungryshorts, #beautifulbum and #myhumps. (michaelbuble/Instagram.com)
The 39-year-old British Columbia-born singer, who is married to Argentine actress/model Luisana Lopilato, posted the public snapshot on his Instagram account Monday with the caption "There was something about this photo lu took, that seemed worthy of instagram."

Bublé, seen posing with his arms crossed, tagged the post with hashtags #babygotback, #hungryshorts, #beautifulbum, and #myhumps, in a presumed reference to the booty-celebrating song from The Black Eyed Peas.

Backlash over 'body shaming'

Fans were quick to slam the singer's post, calling it an example of "body shaming" and disrespecting women.

"Her shorts are a bit too short but how does that make it right for you to put her, unknowingly, in front of millions," asked one critic.

Bublé and Argentine actress and model Luisana Lopilato married in 2011.
"This is down right disgusting of you," added another. "What if she is under aged huh?" 

"That's not very nice," wrote a different fan. "I would expect more from you and your wife ... Hate the thought of creepy couples taking sneaky photos of my daughter or niece and posting them on the internet." 

Despite the backlash, a number of fans came to the singer's defence.

"Jeez all the haters need to eat a snicker," wrote one fan. "I don't think what he said was an insult to this young lady at all." 

"His real fans know his sense of humour," said another. "His true fans know the incredible family that he has and the strong women who are in his life. We know that it isn't in his nature to insult or shame anyone."

The firestorm comes days after U.S. pop rocker Pink stood up to fat-shaming in a positive, self-affirming post Sunday

The 35-year-old shut down critics who seemed "concerned" about her weight that she's "perfectly fine" and "perfectly happy" with the way she looks.

Bublé, meanwhile, who has a reputation for speaking his mind, has yet to respond publicly to the backlash over his post. 

Instead, his latest social media post, on Tuesday, shows his picks for the NHL playoffs. The native of Burnaby has the Vancouver Canucks up against the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup final.


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