Louis C.K.'s ex-manager 'extremely sorry' for not taking complaints about comedian more seriously

Louis C.K.'s former manager is apologizing for not taking complaints about his client's sexual misconduct more seriously.

Dave Becky says 'what I did was wrong' 3 days after C.K. said the stories are true

Dave Becky, left, said Monday 'what I did was wrong, and again, I am extremely sorry,' after comedian Louis C.K. admitted on Friday the stories were true. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Louis C.K.'s longtime manager is apologizing for not taking complaints of his client's sexual misconduct more seriously.

Dave Becky says in a lengthy statement Monday that he misunderstood the nature of the allegations brought forth by a female comedy duo in 2002 who claimed C.K. masturbated in front of them without their consent.

The allegations by Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov were among several included in a New York Times report last week about C.K.'s history of misconduct.

Becky said he misinterpreted the women's complaint and sought discretion for what he considered an issue of infidelity for his then-married client. At the time, he said, he did not consider the women's interaction with C.K. as "threatening or non-consensual."

"If I had, I would have taken this event as seriously as it deserved to be, and I would have confronted Louis, which would have been the right thing to do," Becky said in his statement. "I now comprehend that my response was perceived as a threat to cover up sexual misconduct. This is not an excuse. What I did was wrong, and again, I am extremely sorry."

5 women have come forward

Becky and 3Arts Entertainment dropped C.K. as a client after the New York Times detailed allegations of sexual misconduct from five women against the comedian.

C.K. issued a statement last Friday saying the allegations are true.

Becky maintains in his statement that he was unaware of his client's behaviour beyond the 2002 incident.

"I have come to realize my status wielded an atmosphere where such news did not reach me, or worse yet, that it seemed such news did not matter to me," Becky wrote. "It does. It matters tremendously."

Becky also represents such entertainers as Amy Poehler, Kevin Hart, Issa Rae, Maya Rudolph and Aziz Ansari.

Becky's apology comes as fallout from the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal continues to spread through the entertainment and media industries. A flood of allegations against various powerful men have surfaced since the New York Times published its expose last month about decades of harassment and coverups by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Eddie Berganza of DC Comics fired

The group editor of DC Comics was fired Monday amid allegations of sexual harassment reported last week by BuzzFeed. Warner Bros and DC Entertainment said editor Eddie Berganza was fired and that the organizations are "committed to eradicating harassment."

BuzzFeed reported last week that included on-the-record accounts of Berganza sticking his tongue in the mouth of one female employee and repeatedly trying to kiss another female employee.