Kathleen Edwards takes new musical turn in Voyageur

Singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards performs songs from her new album Voyageur and discusses it with CBC Radio's Q, saying it was born of emotional upheaval and produced by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.
Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards, seen at a Toronto rehearsal studio Jan. 12, took on an increased role in the production of her newest album, Voyageur. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

A Juno-nominee with several roots-flavoured albums under her belt, Kathleen Edwards is no stranger to fans of Canadian music.

However, the Ottawa singer-songwriter ventures into new territory in her latest album, Voyageur. Born of emotional upheaval, Voyageur sees Edwards take a turn towards a more lush and musical sound. It was produced by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, her new partner musically and romantically.

Edwards talks to Jian Ghomeshi of CBC Radio's Q about being a music world "It Girl" once again and being more involved in the production of her new record.