British model Kate Moss immortalized in mannequin-style sculpture

British supermodel Kate Moss has been stripped down and immortalized as a naked, armless mannequin in an advant-garde sculpture titled "MILF," which has gone on display in London.

Artist Edgar Askelovic captures Moss as fashion industry goddess

A hyper-realistic nude sculpture of model Kate Moss by artist Edgar Askelovic is seen on display at Opera Gallery, where it will go on sale. (Toby Melville/Reuters)

British supermodel Kate Moss has been stripped down and immortalized as a naked, armless mannequin in an advant-garde sculpture titled MILF, which has gone on display in London.

The silicone sculpture of an expressionless Moss and her torso was unveiled last Thursday at the Opera Gallery, with the life-like piece priced at £25,000 pounds ($42,000 Cdn).

Artist Edgar Askelovic, who has previously depicted late British rock star David Bowie as half man-half dog, spent four months working from photographs of Moss on the piece, made from silicone and polyurethane resin and weighing 80 kg.

Gallery director Jean-David Malat said he felt Askelovic had met the brief of capturing the 43-year-old model as the goddess of the fashion industry.

"He works also only with photography which is unbelievable because he never met Kate Moss before," Malat said.

"Kate Moss is very special. She's very beautiful."

Siren, Marc Quinn's solid gold statue of Kate Moss, was displayed alongside classic Greek sculptures in the British Museum's Nereid Gallery as part of Statuephilia. (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

It is not the first quirky sculpture of which Moss, one of the most photographed women in the world, has been the subject. A decade ago, British sculptor Marc Quinn depicted Moss as a golden yoga goddess, with her hands and feet contorted behind her head.

She has also been depicted by other artists, including Lucian Freud, who painted a nude portrait of then-pregnant Moss titled Naked Portrait 2002 that sold for $9.1 million at a London auction.