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Jurassic World: Shock and blah

The dinosaur park that filled fans with wonder in 1993 is back with a mutant creature and a starring role for Chris Pratt. But is Jurassic World worth a visit? CBC's Eli Glasner reviews the fourth instalment of the franchise.

Chris Pratt blockbuster leans on gore from mutant dinosaur without suspense of the original

Jurassic World: Shock and blah

7 years ago
Duration 2:35
CBC's Eli Glasner reviews the fourth instalment of the franchise that first filled fans with wonder back in 1992

Jurassic World roars onto screens this weekend, 22 years after the first Jurassic Park awed and terrified viewers in equal measure. 

In this fourth instalment of the franchise, Isla Nublar is a dinosaur theme park that after 10 years in operation, is getting a little long in the tooth. Head office is demanding an impressive new attraction to bump up the tourist dollars. Cue the new dinosaur, and the disaster. 

If everyone running from the big beast sounds just like the original Steven Spielberg classic, not everything here is the same.

There's a new star, the bankable and charming Chris Pratt, a new director, Colin Trevorrow, and a new improved genetically modified hybrid dinosaur.

But all that's still not enough to save this Jurassic World. 

"What the new director lacks is Spielberg's patience to build up the suspense," says CBC's film critic Eli Glasner. 

"The best way to treat Jurassic World is as B-movie with a blockbuster budget," he says.

Jurassic World goes into wide release today.

Watch Eli's full review in the video above.


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