Jason Biggs says 'sorry' for Malaysian Airlines joke

Actor Jason Biggs issued an apology on Twitter after an 'insensitive' joke he made about Malaysian Airlines provoked an online backlash.

Actor takes back comments making light of the disaster on his Twitter feed

A screen shot of actor Jason Biggs' Twitter feed.

Actor Jason Biggs issued an apology on Twitter late Thursday after an 'insensitive' joke he made about the Malaysian Airlines disaster provoked a heavy backlash online.

Followers reacted swiftly and angrily when the Orange is the New Black star tweeted "Anyone wanna by my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?" with many calling on him to retire.

But instead of backing down, the 36-year-old tried to deflect the criticism, calling his followers "losers" and telling them "You don't have to think it's funny, or even be on my twitter page at all."

By the end of the day, Biggs succumbed to the barrage of angry messages, and took a more conciliatory tone.

He went on to say that he understands his "comments might have come off as insensitive and ill-timed" and sent "positive thoughts to the victims and their families."

But it's not clear whether that will be enough to appease fans who've written him off.

Biggs' Twitter account has landed him in trouble before. He recently faced criticism for mocking the death of Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill and making cruel comments about the body of his American Pie co-star Tara Reid.