How Canadian are the Genies in the age of co-production?

With the big acting nominations going to stars from international co-productions such as A Dangerous Method and The Whistleblower, some film fans are wondering how Canadian are the Canadian film awards, the Genies.

A Dangerous Method, a film about Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud shot in Austria, and starring three big international stars, is a leading contender for Genie Awards with 11 nominations.

Not only does Canadian David Cronenberg have a nomination for best director, but German star Michael Fassbender and American Viggo Mortensen are in the running for performance awards.

The German-Swiss-British-Canadian co-production is just one of the internationally backed films in line for the Canadian film awards. There’s also The Bang Bang Club, a South African-Canadian film, In Darkness, a Polish-German-Canadian film and The Whistleblower, a German-Canadian film about Bosnia.

The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and Telefilm have a very complex formula for determining what's Canadian that combines where the money comes from with the nationality of cast, director and crew.

As Deana Sumanac reports, international co-productions are here to stay and the Genies are looking increasingly multinational in outlook.