Giller contender Russell Wangersky

Russell Wangersky is vying for the Giller with his latest short story collection, Whirl Away. He talks to CBC about writing short fiction versus novels and what's behind his book's title.
Journalist and author Russell Wangersky talks to CBC about his Giller-nominated short story collection Whirl Away, an artful batch of tales that explore the notions of choice and fate. 4:49

Five Canadian authors are in the running for the 2012 Giller Prize, with one writer set to receive the coveted trophy and $50,000 at a glitzy gala in Toronto on Oct. 30.

Founded by Jack Rabinovitch in 1994 in memory of his late wife, literary journalist Doris Giller, the annual award has become one of the country’s most prominent and lucrative fiction-writing honours.

Russell Wangersky, St. John's-based journalist and author, is a 2012 Giller nominee for his short fiction collection Whirl Away, a batch of tales exploring choice and fate.

In the video above, Wangersky tells CBC what's behind the title of the collection, the difference between short stories and novels and what his family thinks of writing as a profession.