Emily Hampshire to play Brad Pitt's role in TV's 12 Monkeys

Canadian actress Emily Hampshire will play Jennifer Goines, the female version of Jeffery Goines, Brad Pitt's character in the TV adaptation of Terry Gilliams' 12 Monkeys.

The Montreal-born actress will play Jennifer Goines, a female version of Pitt's mental patient character

Emily Hampshire will play Jennifer Goines, a female version of Brad Pitt's role, in the TV version of 12 Monkeys. (Chris Young/CP)

Emily Hampshire will play Brad Pitt's character in the television adaptation of Terry Gilliam's sci-fi thriller 12 Monkeys.

It's an exciting role for the 32-year-old from Montreal, who is probably best known for playing opposite Robert Pattinson in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis.

James Cole (Bruce Willis) and Jeffery Goines (Brad Pitt) in Terry Gilliam's 1995 sci-fi thriller 12 Monkeys. Pitt won an Golden Globe for the role. (Universal Pictures)
In a intriguing bit of casting, Hampshire will play Jennifer Goines, a female adaptation of the character Jeffery Goines.

Brad Pitt's iconic interpretation of the erratic mental patient in the 1995 movie won him a Golden Globe. 

Aaron Stanford (X-Men) will play James Cole, the role originated by Bruce Willis, in the small-screen adaptation.

The 13-episode series is slated to air on the American cable channel Syfy this January.

12 Monkeys begins filming next month in Toronto.