Eli Glasner

Entertainment reporter and film critic

Eli Glasner is a national entertainment reporter and screentime columnist for CBC News. Covering culture has taken him from the northern tip of Moosonee, Ont. to the Oscars red carpet and beyond.  

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TIFF trailblazer Michelle Latimer leads group of Indigenous filmmakers telling their own stories

With Inconvenient Indian and Trickster, filmmaker Michelle Latimer is doing double duty at TIFF. Now, the Indigenous director is working to "decolonize" the set and helping the next generation of storytellers.

Unprecedented budget, Asian cast drive Disney's bet on Mulan

The widely anticipated adaptation of Mulan opens Friday, but only for subscribers to the Disney screening service — a move that could diminish the impact of the biggest film to ever be directed by a woman

Is Tenet worth the risk? Doctors say no. Theatres say please

After weeks of rescheduling, Christopher Nolan's Tenet — the first blockbuster of the summer — is opening in Canada. But health experts say escaping to the movies comes with a risk.

Let's get things started: Muppets and Transformers reinvent for streaming

Two classic kids brands, The Muppets and Transformers have new shows available for the age of streaming content. While the result may satisfy fans, it's a missed opportunity to find new viewers.

'I literally felt like I was going to cry': How virtual music festivals are keeping fans connected

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more musicians are moving their concerts to virtual spaces like Minecraft and Fortnite. But though those concerts take place in video games, experts say attendees aren't just gamers.

Beyoncé fans and followers unpack Black is King

After much anticipation, fans are delving into Black is King, the new visual album from Beyoncé celebrating a range of African cultures.

Pushback against sexual harassment in the gaming industry grows with high-profile resignations

Accord to a 2019 study, the gaming industry contributes $4.5 billion to Canada's GDP annually. But as lucrative as the business is, in the past few weeks an ugly side to the industry has emerged with a wave of women sharing stories of harassment and mistreatment. 

Why Tenet's release date became 'TBA,' and what it means for the summer movie season

Tenet was the tent pole for much of the summer movie season. With Warner Bros. delaying the release again, it could hurt already struggling movie theatre chains.

Hamilton — film version of Broadway smash hit — arrives with much-needed burst of inspiration

The wait is over. Hamilton, the groundbreaking musical, has arrived on the Disney streaming service. Eli Glasner explores whether the Broadway smash hit works on the small screen.

Mission Possible: How Tom Cruise's plan to film in space fits NASA's trajectory

He's flown fighter jets and hung off the sides of skyscrapers, and now actor Tom Cruise is joining SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and NASA to make the first feature film in space. The Top Gun actor already has script and director, but making a movie in zero gravity will be a major challenge.

The animated advantage: How Canadian cartoonists are staying home and staying busy

As most film and television production grind to a halt, broadcasters are turning to animation studios for fresh content.

New shows and a film announcement arrive for fans on Star Wars Day

In what's become an annual event, Star Wars Day brought news about a new film from director and actor Taika Waititi, plus new TV episodes that should satisfy fans.

Comedians and COVID: Late-night hosts bring laughs from home

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, late-night hosts have found ways to adapt while continuing to provide camaraderie, comedy and even comfort to their audiences by broadcasting from their homes.

Free and family friendly: What to watch while you stay at home

As the push to stay at home continues, some streaming sites are dropping paywalls and offering free access. The CBC's Eli Glasner runs down the best options for families that don't require a monthly subscription.

What the Rob Ford movie Run This Town gets right — and what it gets wrong

Run This Town is a new Canadian film inspired by the time when Rob Ford was Toronto's mayor. We showed the film to reporters and politicians who remember Ford to get their review.