Eli Glasner

Entertainment reporter and film critic

Eli Glasner is a national entertainment reporter and film critic for CBC News. Each Friday he reviews films on CBC News Network as well as appearing on CBC radio programs coast to coast. Covering culture has taken him from the northern tip of Moosonee, Ont. to the Oscars red carpet.

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'A slap in the face': Georgia film crews caught between abortion ban and boycott

Some of the biggest names and networks in Hollywood are trying to apply pressure to stop a restreictive abortion law in Georgia from going into effect. CBC's Eli Glasner visited the state to see how the war of words is affecting the burgeoning TV and film industry.

Country style rapper Lil Nas X joins forces with Wrangler Jeans to mixed results

If you thought you'd seen the last of the song Old Town Road, you haven't visited a Wrangler store lately. The jean company recently launched a new line of products with chart-topping rapper Lil Nas X.

Disney déjà vu: Why movie studio is reworking its greatest hits from Aladdin to Little Mermaid

Aladdin is just the latest in a string of Disney remakes as the studio looks to entice a new generation of fans.

'I just broke down crying': Canadian video game creators face gruelling 'crunch' hours

The video game industry is hugely profitable, but it has a dirty little secret: Crunch. For years, many workers have toiled for incredibly long hours to meet game release deadlines, often with no overtime pay. It takes a toll on their health. Now, some in the industry are demanding change.

Avengers: Endgame review — Marvel sends off original heroes in style

Avengers: Endgame begins in a dark place, but gives fans what they want by revisiting past Marvel moments in a new light.

Captain Marvel's battle? Heroic expectations, toxic fans

Brie Larson suits up as Captain Marvel, as her comments around diversity in media has led Rotten Tomatoes to step up its troll-fighting measures.

Why making the Oscars popular is mission impossible

Attempts to make the Oscars more relevant has upset academy members and led to the series of missteps that illustrate the real challenges of making the awards audience-friendly.

Predicting this year's wild Oscar race: Who will win — and who should

Will Academy voters choose Wakanda Forever? Or has Spanish-language film Roma won more hearts? As the Oscars approach, Eli Glasner explains how the film industry's biggest prize could play out.

Revenge, reality and racism: Hollywood writers process Liam Neeson's disturbing revelations

Liam Neeson's recent admission to contemplating a racist attack has some fans stepping away from the action star.

'You got to be quick with streetwear drops': Justin Bieber's new clothing line sells out

Justin Bieber is joining the ranks of other musicians-turned-fashion mavens, Kanye West and Beyoncé, with a new fashion label called Drew House.

Why Drake's record-smashing Scorpion is missing from the Junos

There was one artist noticeably absent from this year's Juno nominations: Drake. While his latest album, Scorpion, smashed streaming sales, the Canadian musician failed to submit his album for consideration - again.

The big snubs and surprises from the Oscar nominations

After an unpredictable year for film honours and Tuesday's announcement of the Oscar nominations, here is a look at some of the hopefuls who could go on to win, and others who were overlooked.

How we got here: The wild ride to this year's Oscars

As the Oscar nominations approach, CBC's Eli Glasner runs down some of the awards season's winners and losers. BlacKkKlansman and Roma lead, while Widows trails.

Broadcasting review hears renewed calls for online streaming services to do more to fund Canadian content

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime should be required to pay their fair share toward producing Canadian content, according to some arguments filed during public consultations on an overhaul of broadcast and telecommunication regulations, which wrapped up Friday.

Marvels, murder and mayhem: The most-anticipated movies, TV shows to see in 2019

Whether it's the long-awaited conclusion to Game of Thrones or the all-star cast bringing The Lion King back to the big screen, 2019 is filled with lots to watch for big- and small-screen fans alike.