Drake fans camp overnight for flagship store opening in L.A.

The lineup to get into Drake's flagship store in Hollywood was so long you'd think the Toronto rap artist was going to be selling the clothes to fans himself.

People waited more than 12 hours to shop at the opening of Toronto rapper's new boutique

CBC arts reporter Zulekha Nathoo shows the 12-hour lineup outside Drake's new L.A. store

7 years ago
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CBC arts reporter Zulekha Nathoo joins the crowd outside the Toronto rapper's new Hollywood clothing shop to find out why some were willing to wait more than 12 hours

The lineup to get into Drake's flagship store in Hollywood was so long you'd think the Toronto rap artist was going to be selling the clothes to fans himself.

Thousands of people waited in a queue that traveled a full city block and around the corner just to shop Drake's OVO clothing line on opening day in Los Angeles.

"I've been here for 14 hours, no big deal," said Ryan Stiffelman, an actor and writer.

"It's the Drake pull. He's got magnetism. He brings people out. People want it and it's worth sleeping in the streets for and I guess a lot of people agree," he said about the Hotline Bling singer.

Darnell Ferris, 21, shows off his Drake-inspired owl tattoo as he waited in a lineup for 17 hours in anticipation of the rapper's new store opening. (Zulekha Nathoo/CBC)
Stiffelman joined hundreds of others who stayed overnight — some waiting as many as 17 hours — to browse the OVO collection at the brand's first American location. Its first boutique opened in Toronto last year.

OVO stands for October's Very Own and has a signature owl on its tees, hats and sweatshirts. Prices range from $40 US for a tee shirt to $250 for shoes.

'It's a lifestyle,' says OVO fan

"It's not just a brand name, it's a trademark. It's a lifestyle," said 21-year-old Darnell Ferris, dressed in head-to-toe OVO with an owl tattoo on his back shoulder. "It's sort of a vibe, that's what makes him really different."

While Drake's logo owl might be flying south for the winter, it's also bringing Toronto's flavour to the west coast along with it, according to one Canadian in the crowd.

"He's a big artist. He's the biggest out right now and he's got a big influence all over the globe," said Hussein Adatia, visiting from Toronto. "If nothing else, his music just speaks for itself."

Canadians Hussein Adatia and Deanna Crawford, waiting in line, say Drake is bringing Toronto's fashion flavour to the west coast. (Zulekha Nathoo/CBC)
Those hoping the Grammy award-winning Drake, known for hits such as Find Your Love and Take Care, might show up for an impromptu appearance were disappointed. The rapper instead posted an ad for the grand opening on Instagram a few days before. 

In addition to his 12 hours outside the store, it took yet another hour in a slow-moving lineup before Stiffelman got into the shop. Still, he came out with a full shopping bag and a smile.

Drake fan Ryan Stiffelman waited more than 12 hours overnight in a lineup for the grand opening and shows off what he bought after finally getting into the store. (Zulekha Nathoo/CBC)
"You'd do it again?" I asked.

"I'd do it three times over," he said.

"A little sweat for Drake is a small price to pay," he said, putting on his newly purchased OVO toque in the blazing sun.


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