Donald Trump becomes a Muppet, Donald Grump

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump is being turned into a Muppet, Donald Grump, on 'Sesame Street.'

Children – and their parents – will have a host of new characters and segments to enjoy when the new season of Sesame Street launches in April.

The producers of the long-running PBS show have revealed that among the new members of the television neighbourhood is Donald Grump, a Muppet modelled on billionaire real-estate developer Donald Trump.

Grump will appear in a parody of The Apprentice, the popular reality show that pits two teams of aspiring business people against one another.

The new Muppet carries on a Sesame Street tradition. Although aimed at preschoolers, the show has always included pop-culture references intended to keep older viewers engaged as well.

Last season, for example, saw the introduction of Dr. Feel, a Muppet version of TV personality and author Dr. Phil.

Past seasons have seen skits like the Guy Smiley game show Squeal of Fortune, on which contestants spun a pig, as well as one in which a band of insects sings a song titled Letter B to the tune of Let it Be by the Beatles.

The upcoming season will also feature a segment titled Desperate Houseplants, a parody of arguably the hottest show on the small screen right now, along with Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy.

In addition, for older viewers there will be a takeoff of Dragnet called Cookie Monster: Food Investigator.

This year will mark the program's 36th season on the air.