Deana Sumanac-Johnson


Deana Sumanac-Johnson is a national CBC News reporter for the entertainment unit. She appears regularly on The National and CBC News radio programs, specializing in stories on music and literature/publishing. Before joining the arts unit, she was an award-winning current affairs producer for CBC News: Sunday.

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Children's camps cancelled or restricted by COVID-19 could mean a bleak summer for kids, parents

Children's camps across the country are being cancelled or curtailed this summer amid the fallout from COVID-19, leaving parents and counsellors alike pondering the effects on youth.

Schitt's Creek lessons: What the hit series has taught Canadian comedy creators

As Schitt's Creek enters its final season, Canadian comedy insiders reflect on what the show taught them about staying authentic and reaching international audiences.

Holocaust holograms: how survivors' stories live on through new technology

People trying to preserve the memories of the Holocaust are in a race against time, while the numbers of young Canadians who are unaware what happened are high. The answer might lie in new technology and media.

To retire or to reinvent, that is the question for aging rock stars

Retiring from touring while you still sound good is a popular move these days among rock and pop's "Greatest Generation," from Elton John to Paul Simon. But not for Paul McCartney, the Eagles and Bruce Springsteen.

Unapologetic Louis C.K. hits the stage in Toronto for first of 5 sold-out nights

No cellphones, no recording devices, no apologies. Comedian Louis C.K. took the stage at Toronto's Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club on Wednesday for the first of five sold-out nights, with strict restrictions on audience recordings, but few limitations on his repertoire of jokes.

Will The Goldfinch movie soar? A look back at other adaptations shows mixed results

The Goldfinch, a new movie based on Donna Tartt's bestselling book, has a cast full of Oscar-winners and a devoted audience eager to see the film. But will the sprawling, prize-winning novel fare well on the silver screen?

Robbie Robertson documentary opens TIFF in a 'golden age' for rock docs

The Toronto International Film Festival opens this year with Once Were Brothers, a documentary based on Robbie Robertson's memoir directed by a 26-year-old Canadian filmmaker. The doc's opening spot signifies the rising caché of music documentaries.

Women on country radio are an endangered species, new research says

A new study released by a Canadian musicologist found what female country singers have been saying for a while: Country radio plays them way less than their male counterparts. But there is an argument about why this is happening.

Romance ripoff: as self-published fiction flourishes, so does plagiarism

Romance novels are in a golden era, thanks to prolific self-published authors who sell their books online and readers who can't get enough of them. But with this growth comes a growing problem: plagiarism.

Somali-Canadian singer Amaal Nuux spreads her wings on new album Black Dove

Somali-Canadian R&B songstress Amaal Nuux finds a balance between her traditional upbringing, social conscience and young womanhood in her new EP Black Dove

How Unplanned made it to 56 theatres across Canada

Anti-abortion movie Unplanned stirred up strong opinions even before it opened in Canadian theatres. But the film's unique feat has been how it made it to so many screens across Canada.

Masters matter: Taylor Swift's feud shows why ownership can be crucial to musicians

From Taylor Swift's scuffle with Scooter Braun over her masters, to Universal music's fire that destroyed many masters to iconic works, musicians are as concerned about who owns their original recordings as they've ever been.

'Girls can rock just as hard as the boys': The Beaches on opening for the Stones and reinvigorating rock

Hailing from Toronto, the rock group breathes new life into the genre whilst holding their own with The Rolling Stones.

Reputation and redemption: Taylor Swift returns to poppy form, but the bar is set high for her new music

After weeks of fan speculation and clues on her social media accounts, Taylor Swift released new single ME! and accompanying video. The initial fan reaction is positive, but Swift's new music will have to convince a lot of naysayers.

'You win or you die' — who will meet which fate as Game of Thrones nears conclusion

HBO's fantasy show starts its final season on April 12. Here's an informal look at who of the protagonists might end up on the Iron Throne as the series wraps.