Deana Sumanac-Johnson


Deana Sumanac-Johnson is a national CBC News reporter for the entertainment unit. She appears regularly on The National and CBC News radio programs, specializing in stories on music and literature/publishing. Before joining the arts unit, she was an award-winning current affairs producer for CBC News: Sunday.

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How Unplanned made it to 56 theatres across Canada

Anti-abortion movie Unplanned stirred up strong opinions even before it opened in Canadian theatres. But the film's unique feat has been how it made it to so many screens across Canada.

Masters matter: Taylor Swift's feud shows why ownership can be crucial to musicians

From Taylor Swift's scuffle with Scooter Braun over her masters, to Universal music's fire that destroyed many masters to iconic works, musicians are as concerned about who owns their original recordings as they've ever been.

'Girls can rock just as hard as the boys': The Beaches on opening for the Stones and reinvigorating rock

Hailing from Toronto, the rock group breathes new life into the genre whilst holding their own with The Rolling Stones.

Reputation and redemption: Taylor Swift returns to poppy form, but the bar is set high for her new music

After weeks of fan speculation and clues on her social media accounts, Taylor Swift released new single ME! and accompanying video. The initial fan reaction is positive, but Swift's new music will have to convince a lot of naysayers.

'You win or you die' — who will meet which fate as Game of Thrones nears conclusion

HBO's fantasy show starts its final season on April 12. Here's an informal look at who of the protagonists might end up on the Iron Throne as the series wraps.

Schitt's Creek, Letterkenny lead Canadian comedy takeover in U.S.

Schitt's Creek and Letterkenny have succeeded where many other Canadian-made comedies have failed: becoming critical and popular hits in the United States. Industry insiders credit the changing media landscape and an audience desire for authenticity above everything.

What Karl Lagerfeld taught Canadian fashion designers

Karl Lagerfeld's five-decade-long career influenced many in the fashion industry, including some of Canada's top designers, who praise his work ethic and flair for reinvention.

Mommy Blogging 2.0: Business is booming, complete with perks and pitfalls

Mommy blogging is evolving into a lucrative industry, with bloggers making money from "sponsored posts" and ad deals. But there are challenges: from using images and stories of their children to help sell products, to balancing the authenticity of their stories with narratives desired by advertisers.

Don't bore us, get to the chorus? How streaming is changing songs

Streaming has changed the way people consume music, and it may be changing the way songs are written. Researchers and songwriters alike observe that songs that do well on streaming have shorter instrumental intros and get to the chorus faster, to hook the listener as soon as possible.

As U.K. cracks down on social media endorsements, where does Canada stand?

Clean up your act online or face fines and even jail time — that's the message the British government issued to celebrities who promote brands online without letting their fans know they're being paid.

One year after the Albert Schultz scandal, can Soulpepper get its groove back?

One year after allegations of sexual misconduct against its founder and artistic director Albert Schultz cast a shadow on Toronto's critically hailed Soulpepper Theatre, the theatre has managed to survive, thanks to steady audience support and continuing on-stage excellence provided by the artists remaining in the company.

Don't bet against Hugh Jackman: How The Greatest Showman defied the critics

When it opened a year ago, the musical about the life of circus magnate P.T. Barnum received many bad reviews. But the passion of its star Hugh Jackman and the hits by songwriters Justin Paul and Benj Pasek thrilled the fans.

What the debate around Baby, It's Cold Outside means for pop hits of the past

Baby, it's Cold Outside is a song that lends itself to many incarnations, ​and just as many interpretations. Some call it a Christmas classic, some want to toss it — but one music expert says when judging the hits of the past, it's important to consider what shaped the song.

HBO's My Brilliant Friend signals growing North American taste for foreign-language fare

As HBO brings Elena Ferrante's best-selling novel to the small screen in Italian, North American viewers are growing increasingly comfortable with foreign-language television with subtitles. It's likely streaming services have played a big role in this trend.

Well established but not well-off: Canada's authors struggle to make ends meet, says study

In the midst of literary award season, a new report says Canada's authors are struggling more than ever before. Fewer publishing houses, reduced income from educational copying, and publishers' focus on bestsellers are some of the reasons even award winners have to get day jobs.