David Crosby apologizes for calling Neil Young's girlfriend Daryl Hannah 'poisonous'

American rocker and former Neil Young bandmate David Crosby apologized Monday for calling actress Daryl Hannah 'a purely poisonous predator' in a feud-starting interview last year.

'I'm screwed up way worse than that girl,' said Crosby in a Monday radio broadcast

Musician David Crosby, seen here in 2013, has publicly apologized to American actress Daryl Hannah after he called her a 'poisonous predator' when she began dating Crosby's former bandmate Neil Young last year. (Mike Windle/Getty Images for IMF)

American rocker and former Neil Young bandmate David Crosby apologized Monday for calling actress Daryl Hannah "a purely poisonous predator" in a feud-starting interview last year.

"I screwed up," the 73-year-old rocker told radio program The Howard Stern show on Monday. "I shot my mouth off when I shouldn't have."

Crosby, who played with Young in the iconic folk rock group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, says he made the comments to the Idaho Statesman because he thought the interview was over.

American media reports said veteran Canadian rocker Neil Young and Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah were spotted kissing at a California restaurant, one month after Young announced his split from wife Pegi after 36 years. (Jonathan Leibson, Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Despite being caught with the microphone on, the musician says he was never in a position to criticize Hannah, who started dating Young around the time he split from his wife of 36 years.

"I'm screwed up way worse than that girl," said Crosby who served time in a Texas state prison on drug charges. 

"Where do I get off slagging her? She's making Neil happy. I love Neil and I want him happy."

Crosby went so far as to interrupt radio host Howard Stern to address Hannah directly.

"Daryl, if you're out there, I apologize."

Crosby also said that he called Young to apologize earlier but that he wasn't accepting of the call.

Young alluded to Crosby's 'mistake'

In the month after Crosby's Idaho Statesman interview, Young appeared so angry with his former bandmate that he refused to say Crosby's name in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, calling their old band "uh…Stills, Nash and Young."

He also ruled out any possibility of a CSNY reunion.

"Never happen, no, not in a million years," said the Canadian-born singer-songwriter. "You have to think about things before you do them. If you make a mistake, you have to fix it right away."

Young — who was born in Toronto but also spent part of his youth in Winnipeg and Omemee, Ont., — filed for divorce from wife Pegi last July.

The couple were married in 1978 and have two adult children.

It's not clear if Hannah or Young have accepted Crosby's public mea culpa.


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