Concert combines music and painting

Susan Ponting, The Arts Report

TORONTO - Internationally acclaimed violinist Moshe Hammer will play the violin while his son creates abstract paintings in a concert being billed as "Beethoven meets Pollock."

The two will perform at Glenn Gould Studio Sunday for a one-night performance.

With his father's music as inspiration, visual artist Mike Hammer will create a series of rapidly conveyed abstract action paintings inspired by artist Jackson Pollock.

"There will be Beethoven being played and interpreted by my father, and although I'm not Jackson Pollock and won't be painting completely in his style, he paved the way for the work that I will be doing."

Moshe Hammer plans on letting his son's art evolve on stage while he closes his eyes and plays the masters.

"There is going to be, what I like to call in music, a recreation in music of Brahms and Bach etc., And there will be a creation of a wonderful new painting on canvas while Bach and Beethoven come to life."

The Hammers are hoping to tour the show across Canada.

Joining the father and son team will be pianist Andrew Burashko.

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