One-Man Star Wars Trilogy, Charles Ross' worldwide hit, trims space epic to 90 minutes

Charles Ross has made a career of acting out his favourite movies, including taking his signature One-Man Star Wars Trilogy around the globe.

Canadian actor's One-man Star Wars Trilogy tours the globe, stopping in Toronto

One-Man Star Wars Trilogy in 90 seconds

6 years ago
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CBC News challenges Canadian actor Charles Ross to deliver a 90-second version of his worldwide hit show One-Man Star Wars Trilogy.

Charles Ross has made a career of acting out his favourite movies, including taking his signature One-Man Star Wars Trilogy around the globe.

In the aptly named play, Ross performs his condensed version of the original three Star Wars tales — creating all of the characters, music and effects with his own voice and without elaborate props, costumes or sets — in less than 90 minutes. 

In the video above, Ross takes on a CBC News challenge: attempt his 90-minute show in 90 seconds. 

A devoted fan of the space epic since childhood, Ross created his first incarnation of One-Man Star Wars Trilogy in 2000. He had one goal: to find fame as an actor. 

Charles Ross has performed his One-Man Star Wars Trilogy in cities around the globe. (In Stride Entertainment)

Though stardom never came for him personally, as Ross freely admits, One-Man Star Wars Trilogy is a different story.

"It became famous as a show," he told CBC News. "If nothing else, I made a show that is bigger than I can hope to be."

Since the show's 2002 debut at the Toronto Fringe Festival, Ross has toured the production worldwide. While myriad fans have embraced the fast-paced, energetic and hilarious show, Ross says his most important stamp of approval came from Lucasfilm, the production firm started by Star Wars creator George Lucas.

"It being accepted — and then legally accepted — by [Lucasfilm] is a very, very fortunate thing because it seems like you are legitimate," noted the playwright and performer, who hails from British Columbia.

Ross' theatrical playground isn't just limited to a galaxy far, far away: he also visits Middle Earth with his One-Man Lord of the Rings show and has ventured into Gotham to perform his Dark Knight Trilogy as well

One-Man Star Wars Trilogy is back in Toronto, playing Wednesday through Sunday at the Bluma Appel Theatre.


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